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Using video to promote green tourism businesses

In producing our Green Travel Guides, we've produced over 100 short films about green tourism businesses, from B&Bs to self-catering cottages and hotels, tourist information centres and visitor attractions, pubs, cafes, and activity providers, such as walking & cycling operators.

Here's a short video explaining why video is such a good tool to get across the green ethos of an accommodation and bring sustainability alive:

In our green travel videos, we ask the owners to tell their stories of how they came to run their businesses. The videos provide the owners with the opportunity to share their knowledge of their local landscapes providing guests with a genuine sense of place. Owners can show off what it is that attracts customers to their locality. The owners can also demonstrate their efforts to reduce their impact on the environment, enhance biodiversity, support their local economy, and encourage guests to arrive by sustainable transport, such as by bus or on foot or by electric car.

Videos are also a great way to drive online enquiries and bookings as they're a great way to show potential customers what the business is all about. Best of all, the videos show how green experiences can make for better experiences.

Below are some sample videos of specific green tourism businesses:


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