Green Travel Guides


Here are over 50 travel guides to specific destinations, including many of the protected areas of England and the protected areas of Wales. We have also added a new category for the Conservation Traveller - guides to far flung places where you can positively contribute to biodiversity conservation, such as Guyana.


Written and produced by our team of travel writers, bloggers, photographers and videographers, the aim of all our guides is to show how you can make the most of visiting these brilliant holiday destinations in a way that has a low impact on the environment, a positive effect on the livelihoods of the local people and on the landscape and biodiversity conservation.

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The guides include easy to read articles and selected listings combined with professional photography and short videos filmed by us that aim to bring sustainable tourism alive. Working with local partners to select about 50 experiences in each guide, we promote characterful places to stay, local, seasonal food and drink, visitor attractions, heritage, craft and cultural attractions, responsible wildlife-watching, and  low impact activities, including walks, cycle rides and marine ecotourism activities.


We also provide information on how to get around destinations by low carbon sustainable transport, such as by bike, bus and train. The listings are linked to the relevant review on Google Maps so you can gain an informed understanding of what the experience is like, from both the reviews written by our professional travel writers as well as from the most recent feedback from the general public.

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Watch our interactive video on selected destinations in Greece: