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About Green Traveller

Green Traveller provides news and inspiration about
lower carbon travel and holidays that provide some kind
of positive impact in the destination, especially regarding
wildlife conservation and genuine local community empowerment. 
It is run by me, Richard Hammond.

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This site is packed with news, features and resources to help you plan greener holidays. For what I mean by being a 'green traveller' and an introduction to the many issues regarding low carbon travel, read What is green travel?
I also produce the bi-monthly
Green Traveller Magazine (with the team at Charitable Traveller), and send out an email newsletter, The Green Traveller Digest. Both feature a round up of the latest green travel news in the media including new green hotels, sustainable places to eat and drink, activities that support the conservation of biodiversity, ferry and rail initiatives and routes (including the latest developments to overnight sleeper routes across Europe), as well as other information about travel that is sensitive to the climate and nature emergencies.

The background to Green Traveller

I founded Green Traveller initially as a blog/forum in 2006 and then as a result of the growing interest in sustainable travel, I re-launched it as a fully fledged website in 2009 to provide information for UK travellers on how to have a lower carbon holiday, contribute to biodiversity conservation, and have positive impact adventures. The website includes over 50 Green Traveller's Guides to specific destinations as well as features on a range of aspects of green travel, such as car-free guides to many protected areas in the UK, tips on finding green hotels and organised holidays, and step-by-step guides to flight-free routes to Europe by train and ferry.

Over the years, I have commissioned lots of blogs, articles, photographs and videos from a team of established freelance travel writers, editors, photographers and videographers, including Jackie King, Sarah Baxter, Paul Bloomfield, Nicola Forsyth, Harriet O'Brien, James Stewart, Rhiannon Batten, Yvonne Gordon, Sarah Barrell, Catherine Mack, Clare Hargreaves, Mark Rowe, Ginny Light, Abi Whyte, David Atkinson, Christopher Willan, Diana Jarvis, and Nigel Camp. The Artwork for Green Traveller's Guides is by Tina Smith and Mark Edwards.

The following people have also helped contribute to the depth and quality of content on the site since I launched it in 2006:

Anouk Van Den Eijnde (now at Google), Tobias Chapple (now at BBC), Jane Dunford (now at the Guardian), Sophie Gordon (now at Cycling UK), Holly Tuppen (now at The Long Run), Will Ross (now at Zafiri), Tom Watts (now at AMA), Sian Lewis (now at The Girl Outdoors), Jo Keeling (now at Ernest Journal), Nick Stewart (now at World Animal Protection), Holly Rooke (now at Mungo's), Paul Miles (see tweets @UKbyBoat), Jini Reddy, John Sannaee, Elinor Meredith, Adriana Maldonado, Gemma Tidman, Gemma Chapman, Eden Gallant, Florence Fortnam, Lucy Symons, Juliette Dyke, Hania Simons, Adriana Polo, Lauren Jones, Hannah Fitzgibbon, Chloe Stickland, Olivia Lacey.

We also have a film production unit producing short videos about sustainable tourism, for more information on this, see Green Traveller Productions.

Read about the Friends of Green Traveller

"The journalist Richard Hammond’s web pages are the first place to look

for green holidays and for discussions on environmental issues"

The Sunday Times

"The best place to visit for

low carbon holidays"
Condé Naste Traveller 

"The leading British website for

eco travel - great for news, green

travel tips and inspiration for a

low-impact holiday"

The Times


"Pioneering website" 
National Geographic Traveller

Featured in the Guardian's list of

the Best Travel Websites Ever


Featured in 'Best Travel Websites'
Independent, The Times, Telegraph

'Website of the Week'


Featured in lists of the Best Travel Websites in The Times, Telegraph, Guardian and the Independent


Also featured in The Sun, The Irish Times, Wanderlust, The Ecologist, Family Traveller, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire.

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