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The Green Traveller is both timely and full of brilliant carbon-saving suggestions.
From cycling in Scotland and glamping sites in Wales to trains in Scandinavia, greenest European city breaks and long distance hikes aplenty… this is the new travel for new
more eco-conscious times.
” Tom Chesshyre, author of Slow Trains Around Spain


A comprehensive, jargon-free overview of sustainable travel and how to navigate it. Packed with expert advice from Richard Hammond, founder of Green Traveller, this book covers how to travel in the UK, to Europe and beyond in an eco-conscious way. With planning tips, itineraries, guides and Top 10’s (including the best Off-grid Places to Stay, the best Beaches Worth the Walk, the best Glampsites, the best Citizen Science projects, and the best Rewilding projects), this is a knowledgeable guide to lead you through the greenwashing and travel issues and inspire you with practical ideas so you can go out, have fun and adventure.

Richard says in his introduction that the book "is about how to travel in a way that is sensitive to the climate and nature emergencies". It is primarily focused on experiences that have a lower carbon footprint and provide a positive effect on the conservation of biodiversity. It is also focused on individual actions that can make significant difference to the impact of how we travel.


"Being a green traveller is not about making grand, one-off gestures, it is a state of mind, an ongoing attitude to conscious adventure that influences all aspects of how we holiday, including what we pack in our luggage and how we travel out to destinations, as well as the choice of hotels and activities we take part in while we’re there."

A cultural shift towards living more consciously and responsibly means reassessing our travel priorities. New, faster and more comfortable rail and ferry services are making cross-continental travel easy and enjoyable, while many hotels and tour operators are improving their credentials and actively facilitating local wildlife conservation projects.


  • The Green Traveller is an expert guide that will lead you through the issues, help you avoid the greenwashing and inspire you with practical ideas and itineraries.

  • A clear and comprehensive jargon-free overview of sustainable travel issues and how to navigate them.

  • Inspiring but practical travel ideas, which don't feel compromised or worthy.

Written and researched by Richard Hammond of –

"The leading British website for eco-travel – great for news, green travel tips and inspiration for a low-impact holiday." The Times

"Richard Hammond, the founder of the Green Traveller website, was a pioneer of eco travel, championing sustainable-yet-exciting ways to explore the world. His new book examines how green travel has developed in recent decades and the crucial role it plays in the future of our planet. Packed with practical tips to inspire adventure, this is a handbook to help you navigate tricky terminology, cut through the greenwash and plan your next trip via reviews of everything from the best off-grid accommodation to campsites reachable by public transport and places where you can get involved in exciting citizen science projects."

Sarah Barrell, National Geographic Traveller

The dual climate and nature emergencies require us all to explore how we can reduce our impacts on earth. Adapting how we travel is central to creating a greener, healthier future, while it is crucial that all future transport infrastructure becomes part of the solution. We also need to create bigger, better, and more joined-up wild places that give nature a fighting chance to recover. This book is very timely in that it outlines how people can continuing enjoying the wonders of nature, while minimising the environmental cost.
Nikki Williams, Director, Campaigning & Communities at The Wildlife Trusts

The 12,786 miles of the UK’s National Cycle Network are a fantastic resource making it easy for everyone to enjoy walking, wheeling and cycling across the UK. In recent years we have seen the public embrace the Network more than ever for daily travel, leisure and exercise, and just to get out into the open and feel good... We are delighted that The Green Traveller is helping to highlight the many routes that make it possible for people to move in a green and human way here in the UK and across Europe.” 
Xavier Brice, Chief Executive of walking, wheeling and cycling charity Sustrans

At Eurostar we have always championed the environmental benefits of rail over air travel, and it’s positive to see sustainability now driving travel choice for an increasing number of passengers. Guides like The Green Traveller help customers to make the most of their trips, safe in the knowledge that they are travelling responsibly. And as a passenger’s carbon footprint from one flight can be the same as making 13 Eurostar journeys*, we couldn’t think of a better way to start a holiday than by high-speed international rail.

Lauren Williams, Environment & Sustainability Lead at Eurostar

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*The analysis of Eurostar versus air emissions has been calculated in an independent analysis by Paul Watkiss Associates Ltd in 2020, based on 2019 CO2e emissions. Comparison between Eurostar and aviation is made based on the kg of greenhouse gas emissions [CO2(e)] per passenger on the same one-way journey. The calculation is based on aviation CO2e emissions from the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) calculator, and train CO2e emissions calculated using Defra methodology for the UK, and the IEA (International Energy Agency) for France, Belgium and the Netherlands. More information on

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The Green Traveller was published by Pavilion on 5th May 2022