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Flight-free Train and Ferry Journey Planner from the UK to Europe

It's now easier than ever to travel by train and ferry from the United Kingdom to mainland Europe and Ireland. Below are some of the most popular routes.


We have tried to simplify the information as much as possible, so that in a glance you can find out how to travel from the UK to these destinations without flying.

NB given that most routes involved taking the Eurostar train from London, we have named most of these trips 'London to' but if you need to travel from outside London to connect with the Eurostar, please see the box below on Travelling from Outside London?.

If any of the routes require changing stations in Paris, see our guide to crossing the city by metro/RER:

How to transfer between train stations in Paris.


Bon Voyage!


*Travelling from Outside London?

It's not particularly well known, but Eurostar has negotiated with rail companies throughout the UK so that you can buy a train ticket to get you to London to connect with your Eurostar departure.

These tickets can be less than the usual price of the train to London.

There are two kinds of tickets:

1. Add-on ticket: if you've already purchased a Eurostar ticket, you can purchase the initial leg of the journey to London at a discounted price at your local train station (there are 300 stations in the UK where you can do this). Just take your Eurostar ticket with you to the station and ask to buy the 'add-on' ticket to take the train to London to catch that Eurostar.

2. Through fare ticket: this combines the price of the UK journey and the Eurostar ticket when you initially buy your Eurostar ticket.

If you need to change station in London, your National Rail tickets will be valid for transfers on the London Underground, plus all changes between trains are synchronised so that there are minimal transfer times.

Latest news (18 Feb 2020): We'll be adding more train routes (as well as ferry routes) over the coming days but if you'd like to see a particular route covered, please do get in touch via our Contact page.