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Taking the train to and around Europe

Advice on routes, fares and train times, and book tickets

Choose your train route

From London St Pancras to Continental Europe:
London St Pancras

Popular International Train Routes

The lines on the map are for illustrative purposes only - they don't show the exact route taken by the train.

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City destinations in under 4.5hrs from London


City destinations in under 6.5hrs from London


Through-fare tickets

>> You can now buy a 'through-fare' ticket from over 300 UK rail stations to London that connect with Eurostar departures to Europe. These tickets cut the cost of the journey from your local station to London when used in conjunction with a Eurostar ticket. See: Through-fare tickets connecting with Eurostar

Changing Stations

The key to travelling by train to Europe is to plan the most convenient connections. Here's our guide to how to change stations within the key hub cities of Paris, Brussels and Lille for onward connections to the rest of Europe.

>> How to Change Train Stations in Paris, Brussels and Lille