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Train from London to Valence, France

Green Traveller's Guide to taking the train from London St Pancras International Railway Station to Valence, France.

Between the French Alps and the Massive Central, Valence is the gateway to Provence. It might easily be overlooked in favour of the nearby cities of Lyon and Avignon, but if you venture to this historic, chilled-out city, in the heart of La Drome region, you're in for a treat. For more information about where to stay and things to do, see our Green Travel Guide to Valence.

Journey Time: from 5 hours 23 minutes

Sample timetable: Depart London 11.04am, arrive Lyon 5.00pm

Changes: 1

Transfer: Paris Gare du Nord to Paris Gare de Lyon

Frequency of Departures: 17/day

Carbon emissions: 40.5kg (flight would be 221.4kg)*

Train tickets provided by Trainline:

What's the journey like?

You have to change stations in Paris from Gare du Nord to Gare de Lyon, which can take about half an hour on the Paris RER line (it's only two stops, though we recommend you leave at least 50 minutes for the entire transfer - you have about an hour and a quarter to get the connection). See our guide to How to transfer between train stations across Paris. At Gare de Lyon, you board a TGV high speed train to Valence station.

Stopover hotels to break the journey in Paris

If you want to break the journey and stay overnight to see a bit more of Paris while you're travelling through, there are lots of lovely places to stay near both Gare du Nord and Gare de Lyon. Here are some examples of hotels that are conveniently near these stations:

Miss your connection in Paris?

Don’t panic. Railteam’s ‘Hop on the Next Available Train’ service means that if you have missed your connection between high speed trains because of a delay on the preceding leg of your journey, you’ll automatically be put on the next available high-speed TGV train. NB Remember to get your ticket stamped by your Train Manager. Whenever you’re connecting, always remember to validate your onward train ticket at the machine on the platform before departing (these are often coloured yellow).

On arrival at Valence station

Bienvenue à Valence! There are plenty of hotels in the centre of the city, see below:

Hotels in Valence

Like an increasing number of French cities, Valence has its own government-funded bike hire scheme: in Valence it's called 'Libelo'. There are 20 stations throughout the city where you can access the bikes. A 1 Euro charge and a 150 Euro deposit will give you access the bikes for 1 day, with additional charges if you use the bike for more than 2 and a half hours. A whole day with one bike will cost approximately 6 Euros. Libelo Bike Scheme.

Valence and the surrounding area have an excellent public transport network on coaches and buses, with 38 regular lines. Information and timetables are available from Tourist Offices or tel 08 10 26 26 07 or visit CTAV Valence Bus Map to plan a journey.

Bon Voyage!


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