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How to travel around Estonia

As part of our Green Traveller's Guide to Estonia, here's our guide to how to travel around Estonia by train, bus, bike and using public transport.

Wooden structure surrounding by trees
Cycling is a popular way to travel in Estonia. Photo: Peeter Järvelaid/Visit Estonia

Travelling around Estonia by train

map of train routes in Estonia
Travelling by train across Estonia. Map ©Visit Estonia

There are trains from Tallinn’s Balti Jaam railway station to larger towns, such as Tartu, Viljandi, Rakvere and Narva.

Travelling around Estonia by bus

map of bus routes across Estonia
Travelling by bus across Estonia. Map ©Visit Estonia

There are multiple connections by bus across the country, including across to some of the islands (where the bus is taken across to the island on a ferry).

You can buy tickets at bus stations or online at

Travelling around Estonia by ferry

map of ferry routes in Estonia
Travelling by ferry out to the islands of Estonia. Map ©Visit Estonia

The major islands can all be reached by ferry, including Saaremaa, Hiiumaa, Vormsi, Kihnu, Ruhnu and Aegna, as well as custom trips by boat to some of the smaller islands. For schedules, see:,, and

Travelling around Estonia by bike

Cycling is popular in Estonia and there are several operators that run bike tours and can rent out bikes.

Taking bikes on trains: From April to October, you have to buy a bike ticket if you want to take the bike on a train, but this has to be paid to the conductor once you’re on the train and can’t be bought in advance.

Taking bikes on buses: If there’s space, you can put your bike in the luggage compartment of long-haul buses. Lux Express ( offers a free bike ticket – a maximum of five bikes can be booked at a time and must be reserved online in advance.

man with bike on platform boarding train
Bikes can be taken on trains. Photo: Rasmus Jurkatam/Visit Estonia

Travelling around Estonian cities on public transport

There’s an electronic contactless public transport card (Ühiskaart) that you can buy and add credits to enable you to travel by public transport throughout Estonia. In Tallinn, you can also use bank cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro with contactless interfaces for public transport in the city.


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