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Green Travel Guide to Savoie Mont Blanc

Spanning two alpine areas of France - Savoie and Haute-Savoie - Savoie Mont Blanc is home to some stunning scenery, from the snowy peaks of the towering Mont Blanc to the jagged peaks above Chamonix in the heart of the Alps.

The mountains give this place its lifeblood, its energy. This is a place of calm strength and quiet patience where the snow graces the rooftops as well as the mountains. Yet the region isn't solely a winter playground. In summer, Savoie Mont Blanc has another side: green slopes and bird song, rolling forest valleys and mountain lakes, wonderful woodland hikes and mountain trials, mountain biking and blissful outdoor swimming pools.

This Green Travel Guide to Savoie Mont Blanc will show you how to make the most of a trip to the region in both winter and summer. We have done the hard work for you - we have selected the best places to stay and eat, from locally run eco farms to secluded family-run restaurants, ski slope cafes and village markets where you can buy fresh, local ingredients. We also feature a range of activities, from ski touring and dog sledding to swimming in mountain lakes.

We also provide information on you how to reach the main gateways in Savoie Mont Blanc by train from the UK. There are several sleepers trains or, with a simple change of station in Paris, you can get there easily in a day. Less Carbon, More Fun.

Did you know?

Map of Savoie Mont Blanc

  • The first Winter Olympic Games were held from January 25, 1924 to February 5, 1924.

  • Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in Western Europe at 15,782 ft. The Mont Blanc massif is being put forward as a potential World Heritage Site

  • In Haute-Savoie there are 4 arrondissements, divided into 294 communes and 35 cantons. It is part of the Rhône-Alpes region


Green Travel Guides to 5 regions in Savoie Mont Blanc

Videos of Savoie Mont Blanc

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