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Greentraveller's Guide to Pelion, Greece

Words by Claire Hargreaves. Photos by Claire Hargreaves & Richard Hammond. Videography by Richard Hammond.
Artwork for Greentraveller's Guides by Tina Smith and Mark Edwards

Foreword by Emy Anagnostopoulou, Director, GNTO UK & Ireland Office

When travellers come to choose their holiday they know that Greece has everything they are looking for. It is a safe destination, with great weather, amazing landscapes, warm hospitality and a fascinating history and culture. Greece is a country of beautiful contradictions - you could walk through the olive groves and archaeological sites, move to clusters of islands, go through beaches and mountains and explore the breath-taking scenery all in one trip.

Pelion is the perfect example of that. With so many undiscovered and commanding treasures waiting to be discovered, this beautiful mainland gem is  sure to captivate the most discerning of travellers whether interested in nature, hiking and trekking, cycling, sea sports, history and local festivals, arts and crafts or just simply good food and wine!

Pelion is a destination in its own right. It is one of the most mountainous and fertile areas in Greece. Scattered across the Peninsula are over 70 stone built  villages, all varying in size, from the famous mountainous villages of Tsagarada, Portaria and Zagora, to the beautiful coastal resorts of Mylopotamos, Fakistra and Agios Ioannis.

Pelion is also a haven for outdoor enthusiasts offering a variety of sea sports as well as horse riding, mountain biking and scenic walking trails passing through beautiful villages and sights of cultural interest. Pelion is an area of great natural beauty harmoniously combining lush landscapes with azure seascapes.

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What our writer discovered in Pelion

No wonder the Olympian gods chose Pelion for their holidays. This boot-shaped peninsula that sweeps its heel into the Aegean Sea midway between Athens and Thessalonika combines wooded mountains, turquoise seas and handsome villages. In its settlements, there are majestic stone mansions, many now converted into boutique guesthouses. With its covering of sweet chestnut woods, herbs and fruit orchards, Pelion is a paradise for food-lovers, and there’s plenty to do in the great outdoors, including hiking, cycling, horseriding & canyoning.

Rocky landscapes, sweet chestnut woods, fruit orchards and olive groves...

Giants, centaurs, Olympian gods and demi-gods, Jason and the Argonauts…

Stay, Eat, See & Do

Our pick of places across Pelion

Written by Claire Hargreaves

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  • Volos is in central Greece - 320km north of Athens and 219km south of Thessaloniki
  • The first traces of humans in Pelion dates back to the 7th Millennium BC
  • Pelion was home to the legendary Centaurs, depicted to have a human torso and the lower body of a horse
  • Volos is the centre of the myth of the Argonaut expedition where Jason and the ship Argo set off for Colchis in the Black Sea
  • According to Greek mythology, Pelion was the summer retreat of the 12 Olympians
  • Mount Pelion is to the north and east of Volos and its peak is 1,624m
  • Pelion has a ski centre (on the northern side of the Agriolefkes peak up to 1,471m) with 12km of pistes and a ski school

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