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Travel Foundation to help tourism 'rebuild better' in the Pacific Islands

The Travel Foundation is to help the tourism sector in the Pacific Islands 'rebuild better' as the region recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO), which represents 20 Pacific Island governments (and also enlists a large private sector membership base) says the partnership will focus on “smart recovery”: maximising the value tourism brings to communities in the Pacific, supporting Pacific Island governments and businesses to rebuild tourism on strong foundations based on sustainable, managed growth, enhanced quality of life, and protection of natural and cultural resources.

The organisations will develop and deliver together a programme of work focused on:

  • Developing new products and experiences based on the uniqueness of each island, stimulating local entrepreneurship and strong local supply chains.

  • Enhancing tourism governance with new standards, research to better understand social, environmental and economic impacts, and new measures of success.

  • Training and skills development for governments, small businesses and other organisations.

  • Facilitating engagement and participation from residents, community groups and other stakeholders to develop a strong shared vision for the future of tourism

The work will be a multi-year partnership between the organisations.

Jeremy Sampson (right), CEO of the Travel Foundation, said: “We have high hopes for a fruitful collaboration where innovation and best practice will combine to demonstrate the true potential of tourism to benefit communities. The Pacific has the opportunity and ambition to lead the way in developing a new model for tourism which will inspire others globally”.

Christopher Cocker, CEO of the Pacific Tourism Organisation, said: “We welcome the experience and expertise that the Travel Foundation brings to our team, and look forward to working in close collaboration to support our members with the tools, resources and programmes that will support smart and swift recovery, and ensure the region’s tourism offer is future fit.  We know we have a huge task ahead as we begin the process of recovery, and it is important that we do things that are right not just for now, but for the long term.”

The partnership will be formally launched to SPTO members at a virtual event on 8 July, and one of the first joint activities, 'Smart Recovery Planning Workshops' for SPTO’s members, will be delivered over the coming months.

See the video Green Traveller produced in 2017 about the work of the Travel Foundation:


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