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Tourism Greenwashing

(Updated January 2020)

The Observer's Travel section headline article this weekend was:  Are you being greenwashed?

"From B&Bs to Boeing, everyone is jumping on the environmental bandwagon, but how can we be sure that what they promise is what they deliver?" by award-winning journalist, Tom Robbins (now the travel editor of the Financial Times, Jan 2020).

"Of course many firms are genuinely improving their environmental and ethical performance and are doing so with only the best motives. But others have more cynical intentions - recognising a potent new marketing tool, they are exaggerating how green, sustainable, ethical and responsible they are. The problem is working out who's doing their bit, and who's just cashing in on eco-guilt."

Read the full article on Greenwashing in Tourism.

Also featured in The Observer: Seven Steps to More Responsible Travel, by Liane Katz and GreenTraveller's Richard Hammond.

The Expert Panel: 'Which is your favourite eco escape?" (with contributions from GreenTraveller's Richard Hammond; Lucy Siegle, Observer Ethical Correspondent; Ed Gillespie, Slow Travel exponent and co-founder of Futerra; Pat Thomas, editor, The Ecologist; Harriet Lamb, executive director, The Fairtrade Foundation).

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