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Pura Aventura carbon labels all its trips

by Richard Hammond

Pura Aventura, the specialist in holidays to Spain, Portugal, and Latin America, has announced it is carbon labelling all its trips.

Crucially, the carbon labelling includes international flights.

For instance, Pura Aventura’s 22-day Patagonia’s Carretera Austral road trip is calculated to generate 4.1 tonnes of carbon per person. This measurement calculates the travel between each point of the holiday, from the guest’s front door (or Brighton, where Pura Aventura is based, as reference) to the airport/port and all other journeys by road, air and sea throughout the trip, including international travel.

Closer to home, Pura Aventura’s 7-night Picos de Europa Inn to Inn walking holiday in Spain produces 285kg of carbon.

For each kilometre travelled, Pura Aventura carbon compensates by a mile (160%). Therefore, to compensate for the 4.1 tonnes produced for its Patagonia trip, Pura Aventura balances 6.5 tonnes per person, while for its Picos de Europa trip it balances 456kg.

Pura Aventura’s carbon action is independently verified and administered by carbon consultancy C-Level and it carbon balances its operations in partnership with rural development project in Nicaragua, which creates new local employment opportunities, restores depleted ecosystems and helps mitigate climate change, whilst delivering lasting carbon sequestration that is independently monitored, certified and rewarded over a period of 10 years.

Thomas Power, Pura Aventura’s CEO and Co-Founder, said: “Measuring and publishing the carbon produced on all holidays is crucial in helping us all understand the environmental impact of our travels. With this information, consumers can demand to see what action is being taken, empowering them to make more considered choices about their travels.”

Pura Aventura is certified as a B Corp, a public and legally binding commitment to balance profit with people and the planet.


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