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Masai Mara tour guide Evalyn in jeep

Storytelling through film
We specialise in telling inspirational stories using professional recording equipment for interviews and latest technologies to provide compelling Broll.

Sailing in St Lucia

Our in-house aerial film production team has the CAA's PfCO license to fly drones commercially enabling us to produce high quality cinematic aerial footage.

Catalonia Romanesque Church

Our videos and e-guides promote local, characterful experiences in colourful destinations around the world from the Cotswolds to the Caribbean.

Leopard and cub resting in the Masai Mara

Filming a sense of place
We aim to bring out the local character of a destination, showing local wildlife, context, culture and landscape including real people doing real things.

Floating jellyfish on Coastal Pass website

Interactive videos
We are pioneering the use of interactive technology allowing viewers to click on elements within a travel video to find out more about their selected experiences.

Homepage of Greentraveller's Guide to Lesvos and Chios

Greentraveller's Guides
We have produced over 50 visitor guides to the UK's National Parks and AONBs, European cities and specific rural destinations worldwide.

Catalonia. Photo: Chris Willan

We produce an award-winning blog that includes features and reviews compiled by our team of professional travel writers and videographers.

Dog sledding in the Catalan Pyrenees. Photo: Chris Willan

Social media trips
We raise the profile of destinations through blogging, photography and distributing high quality videos across social media.

Beach on Northumberland's coast

Destination Spotlight
Our series of videos about England's Coast showcase some of the country's most spectacular coastal scenery from Staithes to Lands End.

Visitor taking photo of temple in Naxos

Destination Spotlight
We spent a week filming local characterful experiences on the beautiful Greek island interconnected archipelago of Naxos and the Small Cyclades.

Mas Garganta, Catalonia. Photo: Chris Willan

Destination Spotlight
Our video about Catalonia highlights the region's rich variety of experiences, from exquisite food and wine to activities such as kayaking and wildlife watching.

Jus' Sail Youth Training Programme

Destination Spotlight
With professionally recorded interviews and inspiring Broll, we tell the story of the innovative Jus' Sail youth training programme in St Lucia.