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Snapshot of Catalonia road trip Summits to the Sea

Catalonia from the summits to the sea

Posted by Richard Hammond at 12:18 on Monday 04 December 2017
We're currently travelling for 12 days through the beautiful Catalan Pyrenees, following a route from the Summits to the Sea.
Cauterets skiing Haute Pyrenees

A child's first ski trip in the French Pyrenees

Posted by Richard Hammond at 08:45 on Thursday 21 September 2017
Richard Hammond and family travel to the pretty spa town of Cauterets in the Hautes-Pyrénées for their children's first ski trip.
Swimming pool at Watergate Bay Hotel, Cornwall

Learn to swim at Watergate Bay Hotel

Posted by Richard Hammond at 08:24 on Wednesday 20 September 2017
Richard Hammond reviews a dedicated swim clinic at the Watergate Bay Hotel in Cornwall.
The Old Coach House, a Victorian house on the Southeast coast of Cornwall

Review of The Old Coach House, Cornwall

Posted by Jini Reddy at 03:01 on Tuesday 05 September 2017
Jini Reddy stays in The Old Coach House, a Victorian house on the southeast coast of Cornwall. The perfect retreat for the soul with the only company of nature and the sea view.
Birdwatching Norfolk coast

Exploring the landscapes and wildlife of the Norfolk Coast

Posted by Mark Rowe at 09:45 on Tuesday 05 September 2017
Mark Rowe explores the Norfolk coast, discovering How Hill's landscapes and wildlife and visiting the coastal towns of Cromer and Sheringham.
On Board The Kyle Blue, Bristol. Photo: Rhiannon Batten

Guide to the UK's independent hostels, bunkhouses and camping barns

Posted by Rhiannon Batten at 08:35 on Wednesday 23 August 2017
Rhiannon Batten looks at the UK’s eclectic range of independent hostels, bunkhouses and camping barns, many of which can be found via the Independent Hostels UK network.
La Pertusa. Photo: Paul Bloomfield

Montsec mountain by path and paddle

Posted by Paul Bloomfield at 01:30 on Tuesday 22 August 2017
As part of our Greentraveller's Guide to Catalonia, Paul Bloomfield explores the Montsec mountains on foot and by kayak.
The Gotthard Express. Photo: The Swiss Travel System

Switzerland's great outdoors

Posted by Richard Hammond at 10:45 on Thursday 20 July 2017
Seven trains, two funiculars, trams, buses and a steamboat… Gemma Wirz travelled through Switzerland on the Swiss Travel System, taking her to the heart of Swiss nature, culture and history.
La Rochelle

Greentraveller's Guide to La Rochelle

Posted by Ginny Light at 08:23 on Monday 03 July 2017
Ginny Light spends a few days enjoying the sights of La Rochelle on the west coast of France