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Escorted Rail Holidays

Escorted Train Holidays

One of the best ways to see the beautiful landscapes of Europe is from the comfort of a train carriage. Trains cut swathes across rolling hills and fields, climb mountain sides and snake along the curves of the coast, doing all the work whilst you sit back in your seat and gaze at the view. Of course, trains are not only sightseeing vehicles, but connect cities, towns and villages across the globe.

An escorted train holiday gives you the chance to visit some of the great cities and sights of Europe and beyond, with the ease of smooth transfers by rail, that allow you to take in the beautiful scenery en route.

The dramatic Alpine routes, the ever popular Italian cities of Venice, Florence and Rome, and the famous scenery of the Scottish Highlands are just some of the alluring landscapes waiting to be explored by train. Featured below, we've picked out some of the best escorted train tours below:

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