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Walking Holidays

A walking holiday is a great way to see a region on a more intimate level. Up close with nature, you can stroll peacefully along riversides and through Alpine meadows in Switzerland, hike up the Picos de Europa or along the jagged coastal paths of the Cinque Terre in Italy.

Walking allows you to take in the detail of the scenery, and you are constantly rewarded with new vistas - from pretty hamlets nestling in the distance to spectacular panoramas of seas and mountains.

You can embark on a guided tour and have the highlights pointed out to you, or take a map and some itineraries and travel at your own pace.

Whether you want a challenging hike or a gentle ramble, walking holidays across all the UK and Europe offer something for everyone.

For more information on walking, check out the Ramblers' Association or the British Walking Federation

Featured below is our pick of the wonderful walking holidays in the UK and Europe, all reachable by train and/or ferry. 

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