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Cycling Holidays and Mountain Bikes

Cycling Holidays

What better way is there to see the beautiful landscapes of the UK, Europe and beyond than from the saddle of a bike?

Whether you want to leisurely cycle past Chateaux along the Loire or through the hills and fields of Provence and the Dordogne; or you want to tackle the challenge of mountain biking through the Atlas Mountains and the Alps' rugged scenery, there is a biking holiday for you.

There are huge networks of bike tracks across Europe (and the rest of the world), plus thousands of miles of cyclable roads - giving you the opportunity to explore a huge variety of wonderful scenery.

Groups such as British Cycling and CTC, the UK's National Cyclists' Organisation offer a wealth of information for cyclists, and for those less confident there are a wealth of guided cycle tours around areas from Mont Blanc to the Cotswolds, by way of the wildernesses of Sweden and the deserts of Morocco.

If you prefer the freedom to explore by bike in your own time, many companies offer wonderful holidays with accommodation, maps and itineraries which you can follow at your own pace.

Below we've listed some of the best bike holidays in the UK and Europe, accessible by train and ferry:

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