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responsible traveller column

Posted by at 12:39 on Monday 03 October 2011
A talk at the Royal Geographical Society in London - Atlantic Rising an adventure into climate change
Posted by Richard Hammond at 11:41 on Saturday 15 May 2010
Whale watching is big business. Last year, 13 million people went on a whale-watching holidays, spending more than US2$billion. But what effect is...
Posted by Richard Hammond at 06:10 on Thursday 15 April 2010
High-end travel has long been synonymous with environmental irresponsibility, but an increasing number of luxury organisations are using their big...
Posted by at 12:01 on Sunday 07 March 2010
Choosing not to go abroad for your holidays can have some obivous environmental benefits, not least the reduced carbon emissions emissions of a...
Posted by Richard Hammond at 05:26 on Monday 08 February 2010
No matter how many wildlife documentaries you’ve seen, nothing can prepare you for the moment you first see a mountain gorilla in the wild.
Posted by at 01:17 on Tuesday 05 January 2010
Looking forwards in 2010, lets see whats green.
Posted by Richard Hammond at 11:10 on Saturday 19 December 2009
Africa leads the world in the use of sustainable tourism to both conserve wildlife and empower local communities.
Posted by Richard Hammond at 10:22 on Wednesday 11 November 2009
With climate change already shortening ski seasons, it’s hard to ignore the fact that indulging our love of snowy holidays is hastening their demise...
Posted by Richard Hammond at 04:26 on Tuesday 29 September 2009
Richard Hammond explains what responsible travelling divers can do to lessen their impact on coral reefs.
Posted by Richard Hammond at 10:00 on Wednesday 02 September 2009
Increasingly, travellers are volunteering for placements abroad to work on conservation and development projects, thinking they will be benefit local...
Posted by Richard Hammond at 07:03 on Friday 24 July 2009
Richard Hammond explains how trekkers can help to mitigate the effects of their travels while hiking independently through some of the world’s most...