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New foot-passenger-friendly terminal at Portsmouth Ferry Port

Posted by at 06:08 on Thursday 07 April 2011

The new ferry terminal at Portsmouth International PortThe new ferry terminal at Portsmouth International PortNew drop-off areas at Portsmouth's new passenger ferry terminal have improved access to and from the terminal, particularly aiding foot passengers coming to the terminal by train from either Portsmouth Harbour Rail or Portsmouth and South Sea Rail. 

The new 'green' passenger terminal at Portsmouth International Port has room to accommodate up to 2,400 passengers and has check-in desks, arrival/departure areas as well as a bar and cafe, and an observation balcony overlooking the port itself.

The terminal has been to designed to mitigate its impact on the environment through the use of the latest in eco-friendly technologies. According to Brittany Ferries, it is the first public building in the country to heat and cool itself using thermal energy garnered from sea water. This dramatically decrease its carbon footprint - using only 20% of the energy involving in running a traditional system. Sea water will also be used to flush the toilets. 'Windcatchers' on the roof will enable natural ventilation, vastly reducing the need for air-conditioning units. Higher winds speeds on the coast will allow the terminal to supply and extract air to and from the terminal.

>>See a time lapse film of the terminal's construction

Due to its sustainable features, Brittany Ferries says the building is likely to attain at least a 'very good' rating from BREEAM (the leading environmental assessment method for buildings).

Portsmouth International Port provides ferry links to several top holiday destination in both France and Spain, including Cherbourg, St Malo and the new Brittany Ferries service to Bilbao.

>> Click here to book a ferry from Portsmouth International Port.


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