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Headwater launches Electric Bike Cycling Holidays

Posted by at 01:42 on Tuesday 04 August 2015

Adventure tour operator, Headwater, launches optional electric bikes. No longer seen as a two wheel version of the mobility scooter, the e-bike is a popular way to see the sights.

Cycling with electric bikes. Photo: HeadwaterCycling with electric bikes. Photo: Headwater

Headwater are offering optional electric bikes on selected cycling holidays giving their wonderful slow holidays a broader appeal.

Electric-powered bikes, usually known as e-bikes, first became popular in China in the 1990s but took quite a few more years to make an impact in Europe. Running on rechargeable batteries - which typically give 20-25 miles from a single charge - the original e-bike was considered chunky and clumsy-looking with a cumbersome frame and heavy batteries. However, things have improved dramatically over the past decade, and now a decent e-bike is as sleek and well-designed as a normal bike, with easy-to-use gears and discreet battery pack. 

Leading cycling tour operator, Headwater, has responded to the unprecedented demand for electric! Managing Director, Tina James, explains: "A high number of Headwater customers are novice cyclists so electric bikes are a great risk-free way for them to try out their first cycling holiday - all you have to do is pedal a little and then let the powerful battery kick in and do the hard stuff! Distances seem shorter, climbs feel easier and, if you fancy a leisurely lunch in a fabulous hilltop town, you don't have to worry about arriving hot, sweaty and shattered! There's also the added benefit that you have more time and energy to spend enjoying your surrounds, soaking up the sights and daring to venture off-the-beaten-track".

Now e-bikes will be offered as an option for all customers choosing France's Classic Burgundy CyclingChablis Vineyards
 holidays as well as the Dordogne region for a gastronomic tour. These new additions join Headwater's extensive list of e-bike destinations in Northern Spain exploring the Casta Verde,  Portugal's coastal region, the Secrets of Sicily, Italy's Puglia  and Emilia Romagna.  In Austria, you can whizz around Lake Constance or The Swiss Lakes and, closer to home, zoom along Dorset's Jurassic Coast.

First introduced in the late 19th century, electric bikes have, over the years, often been portrayed as stylistically naff, cumbersome contraptions, just a step down from motorised zimmers or mobility scooters.  But, according to Headwater, right across the globe things are changing, as e-bikes are losing their "potting shed" status and instead becoming the uber-chic, cool choice for lycra-shy, leisure cyclist.  Worth a try!

"Gentle exercise, fresh open air, no experience needed" Cycling with electric bikes. Photo: Headwater"Gentle exercise, fresh open air, no experience needed" Cycling with electric bikes. Photo: Headwater

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