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Greentraveller's Guide to Zagori and the Epirus Coast, Greece

Posted by Richard Hammond at 12:56 on Monday 24 August 2015

Greentraveller and the Greek National Tourism Organisation Board (GNTO UK & Ireland) have published an online guide to Zagori and the Epirus Coast in the northwest of Greece.

Greentraveller’s Guide to Zagori and the Epirus Coast is a 16-page guide to over 50 recommendations for where to stay, eat and what to do in the region. Written and researched by professional travel writer James Stewart, the guide focuses on some of the top places to stay, from family charm and cool beach style to rustic luxury and a staggering location on a mountain pass.

The Guide features some of the best spots to find local produce, such as rich cheeses, the freshest salads, Zagori pies, home-reared meats and sensational seafood in restaurants that showcase the finest local ingredients. The guide also encourages readers to explore a variety of local attractions, from discovering traditional tiny villages where modernity feels yet to arrive or feel the pulse of more ancient history at temples known to Homer.

Greentraveller has also produced a short video to accompany the online guide. This high impact, inspirational video showcases some of the best experiences in Zagori and the Epirus Coast:

Christina Kalogera, Director GNTO UK & Ireland, says: “Greece has been a sea and sun destination favourite for British holidaymakers for decades with the Greek islands and their many obvious attractions often grabbing the limelight. But Greece has much more to offer.

“Zagori within the region of Epirus has one of the most dramatic terrains in Greece and is one of the most sought after destinations for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike. The combination of the pretty Epirus coastline with its mesmerising white sand beaches along the Ionian Sea with the rugged, lush mountainous landscape of the Zagori creates a striking backdrop for holidaymakers looking for something completely different.

“This Greentraveller’s Guide to Zagori and the Epirus Coast gives us a fantastic opportunity to showcase another mainland gem of our country.”

Author James Stewart writes: “Zagori is a little-known gem of a place in north west Greece. While many visitors to Greece fixate on the islands, it’s this wild, wooded region in the Pindos mountains that many Greeks treasure.

“At the heart of Zagori is the awesome Vikos Gorge, carved by the Voidomatis river over a half a million years. After the scenery, it’s the tranquility you notice: only 3,700 people live in Zagori’s 385 square-mile area. Escapism is guaranteed: mornings are soundtracked by birdsong and sheep bells; brown bears and chamois roam in the alpine meadows. Among the region's impressive mountains, gorges and ancient villages, there's superb walking, delicious homemade food and genuine hospitality at some wonderful places to stay.”

Richard Hammond, Chief Executive of greentraveller.co.uk, says: “We hope this Greentraveller’s Guide to Zagori and the Epirus Coast will help visitors make the most of their time in this glorious part of Greece, in a way that brings local economic benefits while conserving the very special landscape.

"This Guide is the latest of our online destination guides that are proving popular with holidaymakers looking for that special local touch."

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Posted by Richard Hammond



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