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Greentraveller's Guide to the Alpine Pearls

Posted by Florence Fortnam at 12:08 on Tuesday 18 August 2015

As part of our ongoing celebration of inspiring places to visit, we have produced an introductory Greentraveller's Guide to the Alpine Pearlsa collection of 27 alpine areas bordering Europe's largest mountain range. From traditional villages to magnificent national parks and nature reserves, each one of the Alpine Pearls encourages sustainable holiday experiences and promotes pioneering carbon-free travel.

The guide includes an introduction to each of the six countries that include members of the Alpine Pearls – Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia – highlighting top things to see and do in the area, and showing visitors how to make the most of the area in a way that has a low impact on the environment and a positive impact on the local economy.

Ratschings, one of Italy's Alpine Pearls. Photo: Alpine PearlsRatschings, one of Italy's Alpine Pearls. Photo: Alpine PearlsWatch eagles soar over Italy's Gran Paradiso National Park, spot marmots and ibex in the Austria's Wildkogel-Arena, or go wildlife-watching in Triglav, Slovenia's only national park. And if it's a gourmet experience you're after, you can sample the famous 'Bleu de Termignon' and 'Beaufort' Cheeses in France, 'Capuns' dumplings and delicious nut-filled pastries in Switzerland, or roll up your sleeves and get involved in centuries-old cheese-making traditions.

Dr. Peter Brandauer, president of Alpine Pearls. Photo: TVB Werfenweng / Bernhard BergmannDr. Peter Brandauer, president of Alpine Pearls. Photo: TVB Werfenweng / Bernhard BergmannDr. Peter Brandauer, president of Alpine Pearls, says: "Alpine Pearls is a one-of-a-kind network in the Alps. We aim to give visitors a unique and unforgettable holiday in breathtaking landscapes whilst also preserving the natural environment.

"Travelling in the Alpine Pearls is stress free and environmentally-friendly way to discover the picturesque beauty and rich culture of the Alps. We want our guests to leave feeling invigorated, inspired and empowered having enjoyed and embraced our green principles.

"Each destination offers a variety of different soft mobility options, whether going car free, trying out an e-Bike, exploring the Alps on a hike, horseback or mountain bike, we believe that getting around in climate-friendly ways can enhance visitors’ experiences and encourage a more adventurous and memorable trip."

Cycling in Limone, Italy. Photo: Alpine PearlsCycling in Limone, Italy. Photo: Alpine PearlsThe mountains may be the draw for most, but if you haven't a head for heights there's still plenty to do in the valleys and even underground, such as exploring the salt mines in the spa town of Bad Reichenhall in Germany, as well as some more unusual holiday activities, such as a twilight barefoot walk through the park's lakes and glaciers. And there are plenty of thrills for the little ones too: adventure parks to race around, emerald digging in Austria's Habach Valley and llama walks in switzerland.

Carbon-free travel in Austria. Photo: Alpine PearlsCarbon-free travel in Austria. Photo: Alpine PearlsBut best of all, you won't have to touch your car all holiday – the Alpine Pearls are pioneers in carbon-free travel and we have written a brief introduction to the public transport initiatives in each region: there are e-Bikes to borrow, shuttle services running on biogas, segway tours, electric boats, as well as some fantastic tourist cards with discounted family travel across many different transport options.

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Posted by Florence Fortnam


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