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A special homely farming resort in the heart of Provence with delicious home made cooking fresh from the local gardens. Enjoy a relaxing and peaceful holiday in this Provençal templar estate with lovely forest walks and beautiful vineyards.

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Rooms: 5 guestrooms: 3 large beds, 2 twins/ doubles & 3 hol homes

From 100 €

Meals: Meals including wine and aperitif are offered for 39-42 Euro per person
Open: 1 March to 15 November
Address: Le Peyrourier, Chemin de petit templs , 83149 Bras, Provence, 83149
Tel: +33 498 05 10 20
reviewed by greentraveller

Why we've chosen Une Campagne en Provence

How does Une Campagne en Provence minimise its impact on the environment and contribute to a sense of place?

To reduce its draw on natural resources, Une Campagne en Provence is highly insulated, heat pumps are used for warmth, low energy lighting are used throughout the farming resort, as well as motion detectors and timers on exterior lights. A large photovoltaic system covers 50% of electricity needs and the remaining half from the grid is generated from renewable sources. To reduce water consumption, faucets and showers are equipped with flow limiters and all toilets are dual flush. Grey water is used for garden irrigation.

All waste is recycled in separate bins where possible. Soaps and cleaning products are purchased in bulks and refillable dispensers are used to minimize plastic waste. Food produce and ingredients come from local sources as much as possible. To contribute postively to conserving stunning Provence, the owners are reforesting the area to compensate for carbon emissions and enhance biodiversity.

Review by Lucy Symons
Campagne en Provence is very popular with discriminating retired crowd, yet also ideal for families to release free-range children where they can frolic  at will with the donkeys and geese, the sheep and ducks.  Look, if it’s good enough for Angelina and Brad…"

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Top Eco Features at Une Campagne en Provence

  • The roof, walls & windows are thoroughly insulated

  • Does not use fossil fuels for heating, instead relies mainly on heat pumps

  • Only purchases green electricity certified from hydro, wind & solar sources

  • A small producer of solar power through photovoltaic barn roof

  • Reduces & sorts waste

  • Planted more then 3000 trees of various hardwood species to enhance biodiversity



Une Campagne en Provence, France
Nearest train station: Aix les Milles
via Take the train to Lille then change to go to Aix en Provence

Directions from station:
It is best to take the toll highway A8 from Aix en Provence to Nice up to the exit Saint Maximin la Sainte Baume. At the beginning of the town, take the road D28 to Bras. After about 9km a sign Une Campagne en Provence indicates the junction with the small road that leads to the Domaine du Peyrourier. Bear left and follow the narrow road to the houses along the small creek and the vineyards.