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Downhill Skiing & Snowboarding

The allure of downhill skiing and snowboarding shows no signs of slowing up: gliding over soft powder, with the smell of the pine trees, the wind in your hair and the sun kissing your face as dramatic panoramas of the mountains open up before you is an unrivalled bliss and thrill.

The stunning scenery and world-class resorts of the Swiss Alps remain amongst the most popular ski and snowboard destinations, and are easy to get to by train from the UK; but there are also plenty of other fantastic destinations across Europe, offering wonderful skiing in beautiful scenery for all levels and at a range of prices.

Find out how to ski responsibly in greentraveller founder Richard Hammond's blogpost.

Featured below is our selection of the best skiing and snowboarding holidays, all reachable by train.

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Skiing in Switzerland, Hotel Victoria, Kandersteg

This is a deservedly popular hotel in a village with cross-country skiing for all levels, fun downhill skiing, winter walking and much more. Perfect family holiday, slopes are great for beginners - stay in a high-quality 3-star hotel with pool.
From £1045 per person (including rail) based on two people...

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Budget New Year Family Ski Yoga and Circus Holiday

Budget New Year Family Ski Yoga and Circus Holiday

If you are looking for an unusual family skiing holiday over New Year, our Family Ski Holiday is the best possible value New Year Family Ski Trip! You have free access to the best skiing in Europe, ice caves, the highest cable car in Europe etc.

£655 12 and up £525 7-11 (Chamonix Unlimited Ski pass included!) £395 3-6

Saturday the 27th Dec 2014 to Saturday 3rd Jan 2015
27th December 2014

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