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Dolphin watching holidays

Wildlife-watching Holidays

There are few more exhilarating experiences than observing the world's great animals in their natural environment. From watching great whales and dolphins in the open water to spotting the rare and elusive creatures of our wilderness areas, wildlife watching holidays can be amazing, rewarding experiences.

However, all too often wildlife watching and safaris have been harmful to the very animals tourists set out to see, as well as the environments in which they live. Organisations such as the World Wildlife Fund and the World Society for the Protection of Animals offer guidelines and advice to would-be wildlife spotters on how to have a low impact holiday, and greentraveller's founder, Richard Hammond, wrote an article on our blog about responsible wildlife watching.

From actively helping conservation of dolphins in Greece to discovering the marine life of Norway, featured below are some of the best holidays with wildlife spotting opportunities that are reachable by train and ferry.

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