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City Breaks in Turkey

To many, Turkey is first and foremost a beach destination, and whilst its lengthy coastline is undoubtedly beautiful, the rest of this fascinating country also deserves exploration. It is home to many intriguing cities, from ancient Izmir and Antakya (Antioch), the religious and silk-weaving centre of Bursa, sun-kissed Antalya, its thriving capital Ankara, and of course Istanbul.

Straddling two continents, this cultural melting pot has a heritage stretching back millennia and as much art and architecture and as many sights as you would expect from a major metropolis.

Away from the main cities, the breathtaking region of Cappadocia is a weird and wonderful place of surreal rock formations, underground cities and ancient frescoes, and we feature some great tours that help to uncover the area's secrets, as well as a range of fantastic city breaks in Turkey - listed below, and all reachable by train, ferry or coach.