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Routes in Sweden

London to Stockholm via Brussels, Cologne and Copenhagen
from 22 hours 35 minutes

Stockholm enchants with watery vistas, whether reflecting a wintry scene or the glistening in the summer sun: this is a city where water and woodland are integral parts of the landscape. The picturesque old town nestles on an island in the city’s central harbour, and the rest of the city sprawls across a total of fourteen islands, liberally sprinkled with parks and forest, between Lake Malaren and the Baltic Sea, so it’s little surprise that the Swedish capital is such a relaxed place. Stockholm is not just about nature, however – centuries of gracious architecture make up a compact city centre that buzzes with life. An internationally renowned capital of design, Stockholm’s stylishly dressed inhabitants stroll between chic boutiques, organic cafés and a huge array of galleries and museums: and who wouldn’t want to join them?

London to Östersund via Brussels, Cologne, Copenhagen and Stockholm
From 28 hours 11 minutes
London to Östersund via Harwich, Esbjerg, Copenhagen and Stockholm
Over 24 hours
London to Gothenburg via Brussels, Cologne and Copenhagen
From 21 hours 13 minutes