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No fly holidays

Posted by Richard Hammond at 12:42 on Tuesday 23 January 2007

"Air travel may be increasing yet a small, but growing number of people are turning their backs on flying in favour of land travel, in an attempt to reduce carbon emissions. Two share their stories of so-called "slow travel" holidays"... Read the full article by Tom Geoghegan on the BBC website.

Tomorrow the BBC is screening a documentary on Should I Really Give Up Flying?, 9pm, BBC Two.


Should the Prime Minister Fly Less?!

If you think so, you might be interested in a petition which asks the Prime Minister to lead by example and reduce his flying:


The petition reads:
We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to severely reduce the number of flights taken by the Prime Minister and his government and offset those flights considered necessary.

This is partly on the back of his recent family holiday to Miami. But The Independent (Sunday 21st Jan) reported that Mr Blair personally emits more than 700 times as much of the pollution that causes global warming as the average Briton. It has been calculated that the Blairs have a footprint of at least 8,127 tons of carbon dioxide a year, whereas the average Briton emits about 11 tons. Most of the emissions arise from Mr Blair’s practice of chartering planes for overseas trips. http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/politics/article2152473.ece

For clarification, the government does offset its flights but MPs don’t necessarily offset their personal flights. As we keep hearing, offsetting should be done as a last resort so the petition focuses on asking the government to cut down.

Please feel free to forward to other potentially willing signatories :-).

Many thanks
Jenny Stafford

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