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Introducing: 'Escape London'

Posted by Richard Hammond at 11:52 on Thursday 21 May 2009

It's forecast to be a scorcher this weekend (well 23 degrees, at least). If you're in London, dreaming of a last minute dash out of the urban grit and grind, check out escapelondon.co.uk - a new social networking site for Londoners "in search of inspiration and information about low-cost, eco-friendly trips away".


The site is organised into the following four categories: 'urban', hideaway', 'outdoors' and 'escapes' and describes where to go, what to do when you're there and how to get there from the capital. Users can post their own suggested trips, add comments, tips and upload photos. 


The site was founded by Hanna Thomas and Barney Gough who "realised how nonsensical it is that people are flying across the globe, contributing to climate change, when they can find paradise on their doorstep."


"Both Londoners, and both prone to going a bit stir-crazy when they have been in the city too long, they wished there was a central resource where they could find information on fun, local holidays. Then a (energy-saving) lightbulb went on, and Escape London was born."


Escape London was given the  Anti-Apathy Fix World Feel Good Award of £1,000 in February 2008.


Those resigned to a glorious bank holiday in the capital may find inspiration at Visit London's website, which declares that London is: "One of the greenest cities in the world with 600 garden squares, 148 parks and gardens, 122 heaths, commons and greens, 16 city farms, 8 Royal Parks and even 1 historic battlefield (in Barnet)." 


To find out what's in and around London's parks, commons and green spaces, use Visit London's useful map tool.


See also TimeOut's guide: Things to do in London over the bank holiday weekend.

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