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The best sites and guides for eco-travellers

Posted by Richard Hammond at 02:12 on Monday 14 May 2007

The Sunday Times travel guru Mark Hodson picks the best websites and guidebooks for green travellers. Marks says that there are so many travel companies now claiming 'green' credentials, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to cut through the hype. These are the books and websites that show you how.


personally i wouldnt let

personally i wouldnt let organisations like these make my decisions about what is ‘ethical’.
if i was planning a trip, i would use the internet to look for volunteering opportunities (wwoof is good), or organic farms where my money is doing the least harm, and hopefully helping a project i believe in to stay afloat financially.

take a break in the unspoilt heart of Portugal

Other Eco Travel sites

Loved Mark Hodgon’s article. There are a few other sites that I think we be worthwhile additions to his list:

- www.ecotourdirectory.com – www.ecotravel.com – www.responsibletravel.com


Eco Travel Sites

How about www.isanyonegoingto.com

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