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Is it OK to go caravanning?

Posted by Richard Hammond at 12:30 on Saturday 03 February 2007

Camping and caravanning have long enjoyed a close association, yet while there is little doubt that camping is low impact, should caravanning be considered in the same green light?...

Towing a caravan halfway across the country can reduce a car's fuel efficiency by up to 30%, according to co2balance.com. Some caravan parks pack in hundreds of static as well as touring caravans, blot the landscape, disturb wildlife and drain local water supplies all year round. Yet others are going the extra mile to green up their act.

Each year David Bellamy hands out awards to caravan parks that protect habitats for plants and wildlife, use energy efficient technologies, and provide recycling facilities. Two of the best are Greendale Farm Park - a small, 15-pitch site near Rutland Water (rutlandgreendale.co.uk, 01664 474516), and Skelwith Fold Caravan Park, a 130-acre woodland site in the Lake District, which is home to deer, badgers and red squirrels, and described by Bellamy as a "wildlife wonderland" (skelwithfold.co.uk, 015394 32277). Both parks are finalists in this year's Enjoy England Awards for Excellence.

This article, by Richard Hammond, was first published in the Guardian.


Green caravanning

I think that caravanning may not be the greenest way to holiday but it sures beats flying when it comes to CO2 production. Caravanning also means that the local economy benefits generally in rural locations rather than abroad. As to being a blot on the landscape? Ask the residents near Stanstead or Heathrow what they would rather have, a caravan park or another runway and terminal!


Touring caravans - green or not

It should not be surmised that touring caravans are a greener option than statics. Besides the extra fuel use, let us not forget that tourers too can often be a “blot on the landscape” for the 50 or so weeks of the year that they are not in use and stored on the drive – or even the front garden. Also the energy and materials used in the manufacture of the tourer should be considered in the light of its usually limited usage.

Touring caravans green or not

I have a touring caravan, it is used every weekend from March till November, we have it sited, on a farm, where the farmer has set aside a small field for tourers and tents, its a beutiful location beside a famous salmon river,in Brecon. the site is always full on weekends, enjoying the great outdoors,and the spinoff from this the fees collected help running of the farm, he has diversified, by taking bedbreakfast, camping,and caravaning + fruit picking, this all helps to keep the farm a going concern. i would suggest we support are own countryside/farmers. Instead of flying off in gas guzzeling jets.

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