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National Geographic magazine launches green magazine supplement

Posted by Richard Hammond at 01:40 on Friday 13 November 2009

National Geographic magazine has launched a quarterly magazine supplement "dedicated to exploring the broader environmental debate and offering information about consumer products and choices". The free 120-page publication 'GREEN' is being distributed to 250,000 subscribers with the December issue of National Geographic magazine.

The editor is Tony Juniper, former Friends of the Earth director and current special adviser for the Prince’s Rainforests Project. Former Woman’s Journal Editor, Deirdre Vine, is the Consultant Editor.

The December cover story looks at how London is meeting current environmental challenges and planning for the future. Also included are general consumer tips and stories about how environmentally sound choices abound in everyday life — from fashion to football through organic gardening. Readers will find advice on recycling and how to make their green pound go further. Regular contributors include Hugh Fearnely-Whittingstall on making the most of seasonal produce, green health and beauty guru Josephine Fairley, Rob Holdway from Giraffe Innovation writing about the challenges facing businesses, green travel expert Richard Hammond exploring responsible travel options and Jonathan Porritt on his favorite natural wonders.

Jarvis Smith, publisher of the supplement says, “We believe there is a great need to inform, stimulate and engage readers with the choices that societies face. While there are few easy answers, at the same time there are many opportunities. We aim to produce an honest, balanced and inspiring publication which will demystify some of the complex issues which accompany our transition to living within our ecological means.’ National Geographic magazine reaches 2 million readers in the UK. nationalgeographic.com.


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