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Health & wellbeing holidays in Ireland

Health & Wellbeing Holidays in Ireland

The picturesque, calming landscapes of the Emerald Isle provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxing escape from the stresses and hassles of everyday life making it the perfect destination for a health and wellbeing holiday.  

There are plenty of great opportunities to recharge your mind, body and soul whilst on holiday in Ireland, ranging from yoga retreats and multi-activity breaks where you’ve the chance to surf, canoe, swim and enjoy delicious vegetarian meals to relaxing therapeutic weekends where you’ll cleanse your body and soul with activities such as meditation, detoxifying teas, chanting and walking though Ireland’s lovely countryside.

Ireland really does offer for everyone seeking a holiday to revitalize their minds and recharge their batteries – whether you’re interested in spending your holiday indoors focusing on yoga, outdoors in nature or a lovely combination of both, there is plenty of fantastic options to choose from.

Featured below are some of the best health and well being holidays in Ireland, all of which you can easily reach by train or ferry.

Get Active in the Burren at The Boghill Centre, Co Clar

An action packed week following your own group tailored programme with walking, farm visits, surfing, yoga, kayaking, ceramics & cob building options, while exploring Irelands famous Burren National Park and enjoying the music, the dance, the craic.
From €595 per person – Shared room (€655 - Private room)....
Ireland stone circle

Relax, Revive and Recover at the Boghill centre, Co Clare

Energise, Rejuvenate, Recharge your batteries, Spoil Yourself Treat yourself and friends/colleagues to a midweek group retreat. 50 hours of relaxation, yoga, meditation, chanting, healing therapies, walking & delicious organic vegetarian food.

€287 including private room, full board, Burren walk, 12 hrs of therapeutic workshops & unlimited refreshments. Based on a minimum group size of 6 people

3 days Dates open

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