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City Breaks in Rome

To walk along the beautiful streets of Rome is like a journey through the last three millennia of human history.

Around every other corner is a monument from antiquity, a baroque church or fountain, a pretty piazza, a crumbling mediaeval palace... The great sites, from the Colosseum and Forum to the Vatican, won't fail to take your breath away; but the Italian capital is still very much a living, breathing and thriving contemporary metropolis. Mopeds whizz down narrow alleyways and cutting edge new boutiques, bars and galleries cram into the city's ancient streets.

And, of course, there is the food: thin, Roman pizzas; fresh fruit and veg on the Campo dei Fiori; sticky gelato in the summer heat; all washed down with a crisp glass of frascati or a rich espresso.

The Eternal city has eternal appeal, a place you can truly enjoy -  check out some great city breaks in Rome below, all of which you can reach by train or ferry.

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Exploring Rome

Exploring Rome

Staying in a superb hotel in a fully restored Renaissance monastery standing atop a perfectly preserved imperial Roman cellar, explore Tivoli and Ostia, Rome’s harbour town and enjoy access to a delightful district with a vibrant nightlife.

£2,895 per person Sing Supp (Executive Room) £660 Sing Supp (Classic Room) £440

8 days
Sat Oct 17 - Sat Oct 24 2015

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