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City Breaks in Berlin

Berlin has risen from the ashes of the Soviet era triumphant, with a reputation as a world-beating centre of innovation, culture and the arts - the German capital is now one of Europe's most appealing, popular and dynamic destinations.

The marks of its turbulent past (including many stretches of the Berlin Wall) are evident, but the city has moved forward and embraces its present and future with panache.

In addition to a rich architectural heritage and a host of celebrated museums and galleries (including Museum Island), the city is now at the forefront of creative innovation in the arts, with a massive range of festivals, theatre, music, nightlife (that keeps going well past dawn) and avant-garde attractions.

Featured below some of the best breaks to experience what this spectacular city has to offer - all of which you can reach by train.

Baltic holiday

Baltic Experience: Helsinki to Berlin

Experience the diverse delights of the Baltic states on a journey through Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany.
£1,785 (maximum group size of 12)

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Imperial Cities by First Class Rail

Imperial Cities by First Class Rail

A truly wonderful first-class tour through the fascinating cities of Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Vienna and Nuremberg by First Class Rail.

From £1,375.00 per person (based on two people travelling together)

12 days or tailor-made to your specific requirements
Tailor-made to suit your departure dates and requirements

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