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City Breaks in Amsterdam

There’s always more to a city than meets the eye, and nowhere is this more so than Amsterdam. Explore a little beyond the main tourist attractions and you’ll most likely find it an outdoorsy city with plenty of parks, canals and cycle lanes; a place where you can visit farmers’ markets, see fringe theatre and art galleries, walk along litter-free streets dotted with street performers or just sit in one of its many green spaces and watch the world go by. 

The Netherlands' vibrant capital has a unique character and beauty that visitors have long found irresistible. Its distinctive brick buildings are reflected in a network of glistening, tree-lined canals; and a tolerant, bohemian atmosphere pervades, which has made the city one of Europe's most dynamic, diverse and welcoming.

Amsterdam also has more than its fair share of world class tourist attractions, from the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh museum to the Anne Frank House. It also boasts a fantastic cultural and festival calendar, great shopping and nightlife and a world-leading attitude to the environment, perhaps best symbolised in its famous cycling culture.

What's more Amsterdam is now only four hours' rail journey from London, below we feature some of the best city breaks in the Dutch capital, all of which you can easily reach by train or ferry:

Cycling holidays in Holland, Netherlands

Cycling into the Heart of Holland

This classic southern route combines the classic Dutch landscape with time near the coast, a varied trip that guarantees a striking introduction to the heart of the Netherlands.
£760 (twin share basis)

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