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holidays by train

Posted by Lucy Symons at 04:42 on Monday 07 December 2015
With her wheelchair-using father, Lucy has a lovely time at the accessible, award winning, self-catering, gem of an eco lodge in Lowen, part of...
Posted by Lucy Symons at 05:11 on Wednesday 02 December 2015
Thoughtfully done, ever-so green and run by a team of passionate local Cornish people - accessible for wheelchairs and pushchairs alike, beach side...
Posted by Lucy Symons at 05:10 on Wednesday 04 November 2015
Macs Adventure launches their Corsica Collection of four new self-guided walking and cycling tours on the beautiful French island of Corsica.
Posted by Lucy Symons at 12:22 on Tuesday 03 November 2015
Hit the holiday heights by staying in one of Eurocamp's fantastic French tree houses in seven locations!
Posted by Florence Fortnam at 11:32 on Thursday 01 October 2015
Andrea and Jack Montgomery head to a wine-growing region of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Las Alpujarras to visit Juan Palomar's vineyards and...
Posted by Harriet OBrien at 04:01 on Tuesday 22 September 2015
As part of our series of Greentraveller's Guides to European cities reachable by Eurostar, we have produced a guide to Lille, France
Posted by Lucy Symons at 10:42 on Wednesday 08 July 2015
This summer, kids can travel to Paris, Brussels, Lille or Bruges for just £1* each way, with up to two children (aged 4 to 11) when travelling with a...
Posted by Lucy Symons at 10:25 on Wednesday 08 July 2015
A week of hurtling through the French countryside visiting some fabulous accommodations listed on the Greentraveller website, eating great local food...
Posted by Lucy Symons at 12:54 on Tuesday 30 June 2015
Visit an amazing zero carbon B&B perched on a lofty hill overlooking the genteel town of Lewes, in the South Downs, which doesn't stint on...
Posted by Paul Bloomfield at 02:22 on Tuesday 16 June 2015
Writer Paul Bloomfield follows in the (bare) footsteps of pilgrims through the centuries on a walk across the sands to Normandy’s famous monastery-...
Posted by Lucy Symons at 10:39 on Tuesday 09 June 2015
Campagne en Provence, popular with the retired crowd, yet also ideal for families to release free-range children where they can frolic at will with...
Posted by Lucy Symons at 04:16 on Friday 29 May 2015
A sophisticated oasis in the centre of France, Les Orangeries – it’s a great stop off point if you are travelling further south, but honestly should...
Posted by Lucy Symons at 05:12 on Wednesday 27 May 2015
Lance and Rain, privileged to be looking after this little corner of The Lot Valley, act as stewards for their old buildings bringing them back in to...
Posted by Lucy Symons at 05:38 on Tuesday 02 December 2014
Lucy Symons builds up a good appetite riding a tandem in the Black Mountains and enjoys the hospitality and home made jam at a charming riverside B...
Posted by Lucy Symons at 01:41 on Thursday 27 November 2014
Lucy Symons tests her balance riding a tandem through the mountains of Wales on Drover Holidays wonderful self-guided meander through Wye Valley.
Posted by HannahFitzgibbon at 10:37 on Wednesday 26 November 2014
Our guide to how to travel to and from Ireland by train & ferry services to/from Scotland, Wales and England, including the popular Sail Rail...