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Posted by Richard Hammond at 11:19 on Saturday 27 November 2010
To help distinguish between the green and the greenwash, here are five questions to find out how eco-friendly your hotel is.
Posted by Richard Hammond at 06:08 on Monday 03 August 2009
Join us to ‘explode the myths of responsible tourism and ask the question: is a green traveller a contradiction in terms?’ | Fringe Responsible...
Posted by Richard Hammond at 12:11 on Monday 30 March 2009
BBC FastTrack's Rajan Datar examines whether 'green travel' is all it's cracked up to be...   (The following are links to videos; you may first...
Posted by Richard Hammond at 02:15 on Monday 07 July 2008
The Observer's Travel section headline article this weekend was: Are you being greenwashed? "From B&Bs to Boeing, everyone is jumping on the...
Posted by Richard Hammond at 04:34 on Wednesday 28 March 2007
As green travel has become big business it has sparked a rise in faux ecotourism, or 'greenwashing', GreenTraveller's Richard Hammond reports on the...