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Eurostar releases 80,000 £89 return tickets to Cologne and Amsterdam

Posted by at 12:28 on Wednesday 27 October 2010

If you're looking to escape to the continent for a little winter weekend break, now's the time to book your ticket. Eurostar have announced the sale of 80,000 tickets to the exciting cities of Cologne and Amsterdam for as little as £89 return.

The special promotion has been released to encourage travellers to ditch the plane and experience first hand the comfort and ease of high speed rail travel to the Netherlands and Germany. With the recent upgrading of Europe’s high speed rail network, you could be indulging in Cologne's best cheesecake at Salon Schmitz in just over 4 hours, and in just 5 hours, walking along Amsterdam's picture-postcard canals.

Last week Eurostar announced a major capital investment of £700m in its fleet. This includes the complete overhaul and redesign of its existing fleet as well as the purchase of 10 new trains. The new Eurostar e320 trains will be equipped to travel direct to a range of city centre destinations beyond Eurostar’s core routes of London-Paris and London-Brussels.

If you would like to know how to make the connections for these and other journeys, do consult our detailed journey planner guides:

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