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Recently restored traditional stone houses on an organic farm in the middle of the forest and close to beautiful beaches. Ideal for walking and trekking, as well as cycling. And gloriously free from mass tourism!

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Rooms: 6:3 doubles, 2 triple, 1 single

Per house with breakfast 100 Euros (from 29/7 till 3/9)

Meals: Meals 10 euro per person
Open: All year round
Address: Pigi Ikaria, Evdilos, , 83302

Why we've chosen Ikarian Wine Club

How does Ikarian Wine Club minimise its impact on the environment and contribute to a sense of place?

To reduce its draw on natural resources, Ikarian Wine Club uses a hybrid heating system (solar panels/wood) which provides all hot water and heating in the winter and all electricity is generated from solar panels. Items are reused where possible, all waste is recycled and food waste is composted. The owners participate in the local movement for recycling. They clean and reuse almost all water used from the guests, family and the winery for watering plants and rain water is collected and used in the garden. Only biodegradable cleaning products are used. Most dishes are made with organic produce and some originates from the farm.

Guests can arrive by train and ferry to reach Ikaria where they are provided with many suggestions for nature walks and cycling. The owners aim to maintain the local culture, which the family keeps alive most of the traditions passed down from their ancestors. They have a small museum where they keep many antique that their family has used over the last 500 years.  They continue a tradition of thousands of years of wine production, preserve the stone mills; one for olives and one for grain, as well as the 'petalo', a wine-press made from five big stones of granite where their ancestors made wine for thousands of years and stored it in traditional clay pots planted in the ground. 

Top Eco Features at Ikarian Wine Club

  • Energy saving electrical items. Produces electricity using photovoltaic panels

  • Composts all organic waste & recycles the rest of the waste

  • Cleans & reuses almost all water used from guests, the family & the winery for watering plants (fruit trees & vines)

  • Hosts collect rain water in tanks & use in the vegetable & fruit gardens. They have their own springs which they water the organic garden with

  • Uses only 100% biodegradable cleaning products

  • Freshly prepared food & mostly organic



Ikarian Wine Club, Ikaria, Greece
Nearest train station: Piraeus, Athens

Directions from station:
Journey to Athens and then get the ferry to Ikaria. Hosts can pick up guests from the port.