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About us

Greentraveller was shortlisted as 'Best Online Consumer Travel Publication' in the 2013 British Travel Press Awards.Greentraveller was shortlisted as 'Best Online Consumer Travel Publication' in the 2013 British Travel Press Awards.What is greentraveller.co.uk? 
A website that features hundreds of eco-friendly places to stay and fab holidays that benefit biodiversity conservation and research and contributes to the resilience and economies of local communities, as well as hundreds of low carbon holidays closer to home that can be conveniently reached overland by bike, public transport, train or ferry. We also try to link these up with a range of things to do in the local area, including:

  • Local Food & Drink
  • Farmers' Markets
  • Family Days Out
  • Festivals, Museums, Gardens, Art and Craft
  • Walks, Cycle Rides and Watersports
  • Wildlife Watching
  • and much more...

Our aim is to connect sustainable transport with these inspiring experiences offered by local tourism businesses to support local economies... Less Carbon, More Fun! 

>> Watch our 2-min video guide to greentraveller.co.uk

On greentraveller.co.uk, we produce Greentraveller's Guides to unique protected areas, such as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and National Parks, as well as to other wonderful holiday destinations, packed with tips on where to sleep, eat, shop and visit.

Our team of leading travel writers also contribute to our award-winning blog, which is packed with the latest green travel news and tips on where to find good deals and special offers. If you need help finding your way around the site, see our quick tour of greentraveller.co.uk.

Greentraveller.co.uk is published by the Greentraveller Group, the umbrella organisation for our consultancy (for public sector and private clients regarding sustainable transport and tourism), and our media agency that provides online travel guides, print publications (e.g. off-line leaflets, maps, visitor guides), videossocial media campaigns, website design and Apps.

What is green travel?
Let's face it, few holidays are 100% green. Most trips involve taking some form of motorised transport and unavoidably contribute to carbon emissions. Greentraveller shows how you can plan a holiday that keeps these emissions down to a minimum, as well as find those holidays that benefit biodiversity conservation and the economies of local communities. If it wasn't such a mouthful, we'd name the site: greener traveller.

Who are we?
Greentraveller was founded in 2006 by travel journalist Richard Hammond - the former eco-travel correspondent for the Guardian and co-author of Clean Breaks -  500 new ways to see the world (Rough Guides). The website greentraveller.co.uk began as a blog – set up while Richard was writing his weekly green travel column in the Guardian newspaper. He received so much correspondence that he created the greentraveller blog forum for readers to debate the issues online. Over subsequent years the website attracted such a huge amount of attention that in 2009 Richard raised investment to provide a more comprehensive guide to green holidays. The site is still managed by Richard but he now has the help of a growing team of writers, designers, photographers, videographers and researchers (see The Team) that form the wider Green Group organisation - our growing consultancy and media agency, see: www.greentravellergroup.com.

The Website: Greentraveller.co.ukWhat’s different about greentraveller.co.uk?

We feature holidays that contribute to biodiversity conservation and the economies of local communities. In Europe, we feature hundreds of trips that can be reached by train and/or ferry. These are now listed in our 'trips and tours' section, with a link to which operator runs the trip. You can then follow the link to their website and enquire further about the trip and book directly with the operator.

We also list over 700 fabulous green places to stay - vetted by us (with reviews from our writers and inspectors who have visited many of the featured places). We have also created a new feature Plan your journey by train, which gives practical advice (including prices and sample itineraries) for over 80 train journeys from London St Pancras International to Europe as well as suggestions for stopover hotels in Paris, Lille and Brussels as well as further afield in Cologne, Madrid and Copenhagen and even as far as Morocco. We also have a foot passenger ferry guide for 70 destinations between the UK, Ireland and continental Europe. Our latest addition is a detailed page on How to travel to and from Ireland without flying.

We also received a terrific boost to the blog thanks to the contributions of several leading travel writers, including Harriet O'Brien, James Stewart, Jane Dunford, Yvonne Gordon, Paul Bloomfield, Rhiannon Batten and Sarah Baxter. The most popular feature (Treehouse holidays in Europe) has been read over 250,000 times!

In addition to the blog, we also send out a monthly e-newsletter, with the latest tips for green holidays and rail and ferry journeys in the UK, Ireland and continental Europe. See a sample e-newsletter. To sign up, either register or if you are already signed in, select 'My account' (top left) and go to manage your subscriptions.

How can you have a greener holiday?
The single most effective thing we believe you can do to go green is to minimise your carbon emissions by seeking low emission forms of transport rather than the plane. However, while rail and ferry travel is often considered the most eco-friendly form of motorised transport, a low emissions car with three or more passengers can be just as carbon efficient, as can a full coach.

The second most effective thing we believe you can do to have a greener holiday is to choose a more eco-friendly place to stay. When judging the green credentials of hotels, villas and self-catering apartments, we look at five key factors:

  • how it reduces its draw on energy
  • how it minimises the amount of waste it sends to landfill
  • how it minimises its consumption of water
  • how much of the food it serves is sourced locally (as much as possible)
  • whether it actively encourages guests to arrive by public transport.

>> See our guide to how to tell if your hotel is green

A word on greenwashing
Key ‘ecotourism’ or ‘responsible travel’ into an internet search engine and it throws up so many results it can be difficult to be sure that any are the genuine article. Similar search terms, such as “ethical” and “sustainable” are becoming just as overused (and abused) by tourism companies looking to cash in on the green wave.

The places to stay that are featured on greentraveller have either been visited by one of our travel writers/inspectors (yes, someone actually goes to check out what the place is like!) or we make sure the place is up to scratch by checking with one of our local contacts and looking to see if it has been certified by a recognised eco label where a trained inspector has visited the property. Those places that have been inspected by us are flagged up as 'Reviewed by greentraveller'.

Happy Travels!

Richard Hammond

Founder and Chief Executive
Not the bloke on Top Gear... though I've got used to the disappointment when I turn up to review a hotel and the mates of the owner's son have come to meet the TV celebrity and not me. But anyway, here I am, the founder of greentraveller and generally the bloke who looks after the site. It all came about in 2006 while I was writing a green travel column for the Guardian and I just couldn't adequately deal with the piles of correspondence sent in from readers. So I set up greentraveller as an online forum and as a resource to link to all the places I'd visited. In the last couple of years there has been a surge in interest in the site (in November 2009 greentraveller was awarded the British Travel Press Green Award) so in November 2009, I hired Julien Queyrane to design a new site, hooked up with a few other freelance travel writers, and the site was re-launched the site in January 2010. Since then the site has blossomed... it now features over 1,000 green places to stay and have worked with over 30 of the UK's leading tour operators to feature over 2,000 holidays reachable by train and/or foot passenger ferry.

I am currently a judge of the World Travel and Tourism Council's Tourism for Tomorrow Awards. I am also the co-author (with Jeremy Smith, the former editor of the Ecologist magazine) of Clean Breaks – 500 New Ways to See the World, published by Rough Guides in 2009 and as a smaller (and cheaper!) version known as Great Escapes, which was published in October 2010 (right).

Over the last 12 years, you may have read articles I've written on green travel in BBC Wildlife, BBC Countryfile, Community Care, The Ecologist, Eve Magazine, Green Futures, Harper's Bizarre, ivillage.co.uk, Livewire, Marie Claire, The Observer, Resurgence, Sunday Times Travel magazine, The Times, Timesonline and Wanderlust.

In 2009/2010, I wrote the monthly column, The Responsible Traveller, for Geographical magazine (the magazine of the Royal Geographical Society) and I've also written several analyst reports for Mintel, including ‘Redefining Ecotourism’, ‘Sustainable Tourism in the Travel Industry’ and ‘Tourism and Poverty Alleviation’, am the special advisor on sustainable tourism to the Association of Independent Tour Operators (AITO). I was the editor of Green Places to Stay (for the green trailblazer/publishing guru Alastair Sawday) and I was the Contributing Editor to the Travel Channel's six part TV series How to Holiday Greener. If there was more space I'd love to write more about my recent swimming holiday in the Inner Hebrides, but just before I go, we're all writing about our favourite trips so here's mine: take the Train to Nice then island-hop cross Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily before returning back by Train from Sicily to London via Rome. Now here's Lucy...

Florence Fortnam

Florence handles external PR for our clients, helps out with providing content for greentraveller.co.uk and stars in some of our videos... she speaks French and Italian.

"Ever since I spent a summer inter-railing around Europe aged 20, I've been a bit of a train addict (though not in the notepad and pencil sort of way..). That was the first time I clapped eyes on Rome: I’ll never forget pulling into the coolness of Termini station then stepping out into the blinding August sunshine, straight into the chaos of central Rome; fifteen minutes later I was standing amidst the Forum’s fallen columns and I was in love. I'm pretty sure that first experience would have been a whole lot different had it begun at the bland out of town airport, followed by a sweaty bus ride into the city with dozens of camera-clutching holiday makers. 

"It's difficult to pin down a favourite European train journey, but if I had to plump for one it would probably be the London to Sicily overnight. The most bizarre part of the trip awaits you at the very end of the mainland in Reggio San Giovanni, on Italy's 'big toe'. Without leaving your train, the carriages are dismantled and stowed onto a ferry which makes the short crossing to the other side, where it is reassembled to continue its journey through Sicily. The novelty of watching the sea outside the window and feeling the roll of the waves from the comfort of your train carriage never wears off.

"In 2010 my husband and I spent a year travelling to China and back by train. Most people thought we were mad to even contemplate doing the whole thing overland but for us, travelling in this way wasn't only about reducing our carbon footprint - it was about doing things a bit differently. It gives a uniqueness to the travel experience that you just can't get from hopping between one airport lounge and another. It’s about travelling with the locals, witnessing changing landscapes, cultures and communities between one destination and another, and creating your own adventure away from the stifling homogeneity of airports. It may not always be the quickest way to get from A to B, but it’s definitely a lot more fun."

Paul Bloomfield

Paul has been writing about and photographing travel, food, drink, music and the wonders of Britain for over 10 years. He's written for Lonely Planet, Wanderlust and numerous other magazines, newspapers and websites, in that time tackling the 
Zambezi by raft, the Hudson by kayak, and the Swedish Arctic on a husky sled. Mostly, though, he prefers riding Shank's pony, hiking trails from Cornwall to New Zealand's Queen Charlotte Track.

Yvonne Gordon

Yvonne’s work has been published in The Irish Times, The Irish Independent, The Irish Mail on Sunday, Metro, The Guardian, The National, Abroad magazine and Private Islands magazine. She also writes for travel guides such as DK Eyewitness and Explorer Publishing and she co-wrote DK Eyewitness Travel – Back Roads Ireland, an exploration of Ireland’s unexplored countryside (2010).

Harriet O'Brien

Harriet O’Brien is a journalist and editor who has been writing about travel and its myriad rewards for more than 15 years. Since she moved from downtown Brixton to rural Oxfordshire several years ago, she has developed a preference (bordering on dogged determination) to explore places on foot – it’s the only way to get really under the skin of a location, she says. She is the  Cotswolds correspondent for The Telegraph and is a regular contributor to The Independent, among other media outlets.

Jackie King
Jackie King

Jackie helps organise our filming trips on a project-by-project basis. 
Jackie previously spent 15 years at Alastair Sawday’s as Managing Editor and as Series Editor of Sawday’s Go Slow guides (England & Wales; France; Italy; Eat Slow). Jackie is passionate about promoting travel experiences that help sustain rural economies and give visitors a deeper understanding of their destination.

Rhiannon Batten

Born in Yorkshire, Rhiannon Batten grew up in Hong Kong, Germany and the Welsh borders, before studying archaeology and anthropology at Oxford University. After a stint on the travel desk of the Independent, during which time she was awarded Young Travel Writer of the Year, she moved to Scotland, where she was based for over a decade, before returning to London. Having written a book on sustainable travel in 2007, Higher Ground: How to Travel Responsibly Without Roughing It, she now writes on green travel, community tourism and nature tourism for a number of publications, including the Independent, the Guardian, ELLE magazine, Wanderlust and National Geographic Traveller. 

Paul Miles

Paul has been writing and photographing on sustainable travel for over a decade. His work has appeared in many publications, including the Financial Times, Sunday Telegraph, Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Condé Nast Traveller, BBC Wildlife, Geographical, The Ecologist and The Idler. Paul lives in the Midlands, cruising the waterways of England & Wales in his narrowboat using public transport and his bicycle. 

Lucy Gillmore

Lucy was the deputy travel editor at the Independent for eight years before moving up to Scotland. After a couple of years in Edinburgh’s New Town she schlepped even further north to a Highland estate in Inverness-shire for a greener life.  She now works as a freelance journalist, writing for a wide range of publications including The Independent, The Guardian, The Times, BBC Countryfile, Food and Travel magazine, House & Garden, Conde Nast Traveller, ELLE magazine and Olive and has recently updated the Wallpaper* City Guide to Edinburgh.

Travelling around the country from the Outer Hebrides to the Borders, she's walked a fair bit of it including the Great Glen Way from the west coast to the east - and has just bought a bike.

Simon Wilson

Simon is a writer and editor for the UK's bestselling subscription magazine The Week. He also has a weekly investment column in the country's bestselling financial magazine Moneyweek. He combines this with another life as an actor on stage and television. He has worked at the National Theatre, Shakespeare's Globe and lots of other places, and has appeared in nearly every middlebrow TV crime drama you can think of. Earlier this year, Simon could be seen as a charming-but-slimy brain surgeon on EastEnders, doing intentionally poor dancing in a successful attempt to make Ronnie Mitchell smile.

Matt Witt Business Advisor
Matt Witt

Non Exec Director
Matt runs his own business providing operations analysis and advice, principally for e-commerce companies.  He is also an active angel investor, supporting 5 different start-up ventures currently, and works as a director with several internet enterprises.

Between 2007-2010, Matthew served as Non-Executive Director of toptable, Europe’s largest online restaurant booking company processing approximately £130M of reservations per annum. Prior to this, Matthew had been Chief Operating Officer at Booking.com, formerly Active Hotels.  He joined Active at its inception in March 2000, and as Operations Director, helped lead Active through its start-up phase to to becoming the number one European online hotel retailer in 2006, with responsibility for Sales, Marketing, Technology and Distribution. Following the merger with Bookings BV in 2005, he continued as COO for Active Hotels, overseeing the integration of the companies’ technical and management systems, and the creation of a single operating business, Booking.com.

Andy Phillipps Entrepreneur
Andrew Phillipps

Andy is Entrepreneur in residence at INSEAD business school. Previously, Andy was Chairman of Toptable (2005-2010), the online restaurant reservations website, and the co-founder and CEO of Active Hotels (1999-2006), which he helped to grow to become the largest on-line hotel booking company in Europe. The company was recognised as the fastest growing technology company in the UK by Deloitte, was a Sunday Times best employer, and Andy won Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year.

Andy has subsequently helped found, expand and/or invest in a number of start-ups, including Reevoo (Europe’s leading provider of social commerce solutions. Reevoo has been deployed by more than 150 major brands including Sony, BestBuy and Dixons helping them to achieve average sales uplifts of 18% through boosted conversion rates and increased order values, turning browsers into shoppers) and I2O (the pressure management technology that helps water companies dramatically reduce water leakage and energy usage).

Here's a snapshot of some of the press coverage of greentraveller:

if you have a press enquiry, please email: info AT greentraveller.co.uk with subject line: PRESS ENQUIRY

If you wish to be sent a copy of our media pack, please email: sales AT greentraveller.co.uk with subject line: MEDIA PACK


15 June: Greentraveller is featured in The Independent's 50 Best Travel Websites.


22 March: Greentraveller is included in The Good Web Guide's top sites for planning a summer holiday, along with lastminute.com, Mr and Mrs Smith and Beach Tomato.

7 January: Greentraveller.co.uk's blog is included in Expedia's Top 30 Blogs of 2015, organised by their "digital influence, content theme and general greatness".


28 September: Greentraveller is provide a page of holiday ideas for the 'Sustainable and Eco Travel' section of APL Media's supplement on Ethical & Green Innovations distributed with the Guardian (262,000 printed copies).

17 September: Greentraveller is listed as one of the Top Green Travel Blogs by Flipkey

28 July: Greentraveller's Richard Hammond provides his top ten green travel tips in National Geographic Traveller magazine

10 May: Greentraveller's Richard Hammond is asked to provide his insight into the future of travel for the renowned open foresight programme Future Agenda: The Future of Travel

16 April: Richard Hammond writes in National Geographic Traveller magazine about the public's perception of travelling 'green': Is sustainable travel going mainstream?

2 April: The Times features Greentraveller's Great Escapes Greentraveller's Guide to Somerset and Exmoor

17th January: Richard Hammond writes in the Guardian about the joys of slow travel. Slow train coming


20 June: Family Traveller magazine features Greentraveller's Richard Hammond's selection of green holidays worldwide: Go Green: Eco-friendly holidays

20 April: Greentraveller's Lucy Symons is interviewed on onboard Eurostar on Peter Greenberg's Worldwide Radio Show (audience circa 3 million) on the joys of train travel.


23 October: The Guardian profiles greentraveller.co.uk in its top travel websites for rail, road and sea:
"Another longstanding favourite for many eco-aware travellers, this site is packed with information for people who don't want to fly. It offers guides to travelling by public transport and train. There are plenty of listings for green accommodation and it's all well-organised. So if you want to stay in a treehouse in France and get there by rail, you can find all you need to know in a couple of clicks."

15 Septemer 2013: Greentraveller.co.uk is shortlisted for the Best Online Consumer Travel Publication in the British Travel Press Awards (along with Telegraph, Daily Mail, CNN & Wanderlust), as well as for the Travel Editors' Green Award (for the fifth year).

6 September 2013: Greentraveller's Richard Hammond writes a feature article on Sustainable Tourism in the Guardian Sustainable Business section: Why sustainable tourism is the travel industry's duty

2 August 2013: Greentraveller is singled out as the top thing to do for travel in the Guardian's Five Small steps to Greener Technology and Travel:

"Swap your travel agent"
"For a holiday with a minimal carbon footprint, greentraveller.co.uk can help. The site features hundreds of eco-friendly places to stay and inspiring holidays you can reach without flying. You'll find eco lodges in Morocco, green hotels in Spain and treehouses in Portugal, all reachable by train or foot passenger ferry services. Enjoy watersports, trekking, cycling or simply unwind and relax while your eco conscience takes a break, too."

7 June 2013: Greentraveller featured in the Independent's 50 Best Travel Websites:
If you’d rather not fly – whether you hate the experience or worry about your carbon footprint – Green Traveller is packed with holiday ideas,” says Mark. “There’s everything from yurt camps in the south of France to ski touring in Scotland, all of which you can reach by train, coach or ferry. The site is well-designed and written by expert journalists.”

8 February 2013: Greentraveller (along with the editor of the family section of ‘National Geographic Traveller’ and the author of Footprint’s ‘Travel with kids’) was asked by the Independent to recommend the 50 Best Spring Days Out.

27 January 2013: Greentraveller is featured in The Times 50 Best Travel Websites
"Started as a blog by Richard Hammond — the eco-travel writer, not the TV presenter — Green Traveller offers holiday spots in the UK and Europe that can only be reached by bike, bus, train or ferry. Holidays are sourced from more than 40 tour operators. There are also tons of eco tips for cutting carbon emissions while on holiday and green guides to cities and attractions."


9 December 2012: Eurostar partners with Greentraveller as part of its Tread Lightly initiative, along with Friends of the Earth, Start, The Ashden Awards, and the Sustainable Restaurant Association, which Eurostar says are "leading authorities in sustainability": Eurostar Partnerships

1 November 2012: Greentraveller is shortlisted, for the forth time, for the British Travel Press Awards.

30 July: Respected Media Agency Gorkana includes Greentraveller in its list of 'Blog Influencers'.

15 July: Condé Naste Traveller magazine features greentraveller saying it is "the best place to visit for low carbon holidays"

2 March: The Ecologist magazine features Greentraveller in its list of the Top Ten Green Travel Blogs, saying:

Green Traveller offers a mixture of reviews, destination guides and holiday inspiration. It also has a handy travel planner that lets you tailor your travels to your interests, whether it be culture, adventure or cycling. Also worth checking out is the rail, bus and ferry finder widgets, which allow you to plan a flight-free journey without breaking a sweat. 

"Green Traveller offers a mixture of reviews, destination guides and holiday inspiration. It also has a handy travel planner that lets you tailor your travels to your interests, whether it be culture, adventure or cycling. Also worth checking out is the rail, bus and ferry finder widgets, which allow you to plan a flight-free journey without breaking a sweat. 

"Quirky accommodation ideas (tree house anyone?) plus easy to use widgets make it brilliant for anyone planning a holiday. Reviews are honest and big on environmental details."

5 November: The Guardian publishes our Green Travel List, celebrating the 25 most innovative examples of green travel and tourism, see: The 2011 Green Travel List. The feature, written by Greentraveller's Richard Hammond, has been re-tweeted over 220 times and been recommended on facebook by over 280 readers.


27 October: Greentraveller celebrates its 5th birthday by reaching the landmark figure of over 500 green places to stay featured on the website and over 1,500 holidays reachable by train. Read more about the celebrations and our landmarks: Greentraveller celebrates its 5th birthday

18 October: Greentraveller has been shortlisted for the British Travel Press Editors' Green Award 2011, for the third year in a row

18 July: The Guardian newspaper features greentraveller in it's list of The Best Travel Websites Ever

2 July: The Sun newspaper asks greentraveller to recommend our Ten Best Green Holidays

9 June: Greentraveller's Head of Marketing and Business Development, Holly Tuppen, presents the 'Green Traveller' Award to Nicholas Crane at the inaugural Green Tourism Awards, organised by the Green Tourism Business Scheme, hosted by environmentalist Tony Juniper.

1 May: The Independent features greentraveller in its list of the 50 Best Travel Websites: "Going stronger than ever since its redesign, this site packed with inspirational trips and reviews on green places to stay".

25 April: Greentraveller's founder Richard Hammond appears on Channel 5's The Hotel Inspector to vet the green credentials of a hotel.

12 March: The Independent newspaper asked greentraveller to recommend 10 bed and breakfasts for its guide to the 50 Best B&Bs in the UK, which was published in the paper & online today.

18 February: greentraveller's chief executive and founder Richard Hammond is featured as an 'Eco Hero' on the influential green communications website Greenhouse.

10 February: National Geographic Traveller magazine features greentraveller as a "pioneering website". The full description is as follows: "Pioneering website www.greentraveller.co.uk now lists more than 200 eco-minded places to stay across 27 countries, from Scotland to Slovenia. And there's nothing 'hair-shirty' about these handpicked places, from luxury yurts in France to beautiful fincas in Spain, plus novel holidays like dolphin conservation in Greece and Alpine multi-activity breaks for families."

10 November: greentraveller is shortlisted for the British Travel Press Travel Editors' Green Award

11 September: greentraveller is featured as Site of the Week in the Irish Independent newspaper

5 September: greentraveller is the featured Site of the Week in the Independent on Sunday newspaper

1 September: greentraveller's ferry guide for foot passengers is featured in TravelMole ('New Green Guide to Ferry Crossing'), E-tid ('Go greener: take ferries by foot'), Parenting Without Tears ('Ferry services for foot passengers'), and PATA ('Ferried away with green travel'), 

31 August: greentraveller launches online ferry guide for foot passengers in collaboration with the Passenger Shipping Association

9 July: Sunday Times journalist and SEO expert Mark Hodson tweets: "I am increasingly impressed with Richard's website: www.greentraveller.co.uk. Sets high standards."

25 May: Greentraveller's Richard Hammond writes about 'Ecotourism Breaks' in BBC Countryfile

19 May: Greentraveller's rail planner mentioned by Tom Hall (Lonely Planet) in Guardian's Live travel Q&A today.

15 May: Greentraveller's Richard Hammond writes about Responsible Whale-watching Holidays in Geographical - the magazine of the Royal Geographic Society.

10 May: Greentraveller's Richard Hammond profiles swimming holidays in National Geographic GREEN magazine supplement

20 April: Greentraveller's Richard Hammond is interviewed on BBC Radio Wales on the consequences for alternative transport in the wake of the ash fall out.

16 March: Greentraveller's Richard Hammond quoted in this Times article on sustainability in the hotel industry: The Business of going green

7 March: Greentraveller's Catherine Mack profiles Eco Breaks in the UK in Geographical -the magazine of the Royal Geographic Society.

25 February: greentraveller's entire Green Travel List is published in the Guardian newspaper, in association with Forum for the Future

3 February: greentraveller profiled as Mail Online's Website of the Week

2 February: greentraveller named as One of Europe's Best Travel Blogs by Vintage Travel.

1 February: Guardian features the relaunch of greentraveller: "Guardian: Award-winning green travel forum and blog, has relaunched with new trip-planning and booking tools"

29 January: greentraveller.co.uk relaunches. 

January: Writing in Condé Nast Traveller, travel writer guru Nick Trend awards greentraveller four stars and describes it as "Quirky and personal, with a really genuine feel to it" 

November: greentraveller wins the British Travel Press Travel Editors' Green Award

October: greentraveller named in the Telegraph's list of the best travel websites

September: greentraveller recommended for 'greener getaways' by the Energy Savings Trust

September: greentraveller recommended on ratedpeople.com

August: greentraveller's Richard Hammond interviewed by John McCarthy on BBC Radio Four's Excess Baggage

August: greentraveller recommended on gadlinks.com

July: greentraveller named as best British eco travel blog and 7th best eco travel blog in the world in the Tripbase Travel blog awards.

July: greentraveller featured in The Telegraph's list of 'The Best Travel Websites'.

June: greentraveller recommended in the Ecologist magazine

June: greentraveller included in Cision's Top Ten Travel blogs

April: greentraveller listed in The Independent's article on the 50 Best Travel Websites.

March: greentraveller featured on Green Lashes and Fashion.

March: greentraveller is described by Timesonline as "The leading British website for eco travel - great for news, green travel tips and inspiration for a low-impact holiday."

January: greentraveller recommended in The Daily Mail's 'Green Scene': Reduce your carbon footprint in the sand

December: greentraveller listed as one of the top ten green travel sites by jamblemag.com. December 2008: greentraveller featured on maketravelfair.co.uk

August: greentraveller named as one of judges "favourite websites" in the Green Web Awards

July: Sheherazade Goldsmith recommends greentraveller in her Daily Mail Green Scene

July: greentraveller's Google rating goes up a notch to 5/10.

May: Alastair Sawday's Go Slow England recommends greentraveller.co.uk.

April: greentraveller recommended by BBC Bloom (the BBC's green lifestyle website)

April: Channel 4's Green Pages recommends greentraveller.co.uk.

March: The Irish Times recommends greentraveller.co.uk.

February: Raise magazine recommends greentraveller.co.uk.

January: Planeta.com in conversation with greentraveller's editor

December: Marie Claire magazine recommends greentraveller.co.uk.

November: The Mail on Sunday recommends greentraveller.co.uk.

November: Tesco Greenerliving calls on greentraveller.co.uk to offer green travel advice.

October: The Sunday Times names greentraveller.co.uk as one of five 'Best On The Net' and says greentraveller is "a site we should all be using more often. The journalist Richard Hammond’s web pages are the first place to look for green holidays and for discussions on environmental issues."

June/July: The Green Parent magazine recommends greentraveller.co.uk.

June: Timesonline names greentraveller.co.uk as one of its 100 best travel websites.

May: Whatprice? recommends greentraveller.co.uk.


November: The Guardian profiles greentraveller.co.uk as 'Site of the Week'.

October: greentraveller.co.uk launches!

As well as running the award-winning website greentraveller.co.uk, Greentraveller's team of professional travel writers and new media professionals specialises in producing booklets, visitor guides, sustainable transport videos, city transport maps and leaflets, web and app design, and social media campaigns.

>> See our media agency website greentravellergroup.com

Below is a synopis of the services we provide:

Video production Our experienced film production team has produced over 100 high definition videos on sustainable transport and tourism.
Social Media Our team of new media professionals provide advice on how to use social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+.
Training Workshops & Webinars We organise workshops and webinars that provide professional training on making the most of new media.
Web and App Design We provide Responsive Web 2:0 interface for desktop, smartphone and tablet access, native and non-native apps.
Printed City Maps and Leaflets We produce handy, pocket-sized maps and leaflets promoting public transport and urban green spaces.
Research Reports We provide initial scoping services and feasibility assessments for Local Sustainable Transport Fund programmes.
Content Publishing Our team of professional travel writers provide a range of printed and online publishing services.

Video production Our experienced film production team has produced over 100 high definition videos on sustainable transport and tourism.

Social Media Our team of new media professionals provide advice on how to make the most of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+.

Training Workshops & Webinars We organise workshops and webinars, particularly for local authorities, that provide professional training on making the most of vide, social media and social search.

Printed City Maps and Leaflets We produce handy, pocket-sized maps and leaflets promoting public transport and urban green spaces.

Content Publishing Our team of professional travel writers provide a range of printed and online publishing services, including green city guides and destination guides.

Research Reports We provide initial scoping services and feasibility assessments for Local Sustainable Transport Fund programmes.

Web and App Design We provide Responsive Web 2:0 interface for desktop, smartphone and tablet access.

Greentraveller designs and manages websites for desktop, tablet and smartphone using responsive web design technique.Greentraveller designs and manages websites for desktop, tablet and smartphone using responsive web design technique.

Clients include:

  • National tourist boards eg. Visit England, Switzerland Tourist Board
  • Regional tourist boards eg. the Lot Valley, West Sweden, Tenerife
  • Council Authorities eg. Powys County Council, New Forest District Council
  • Local Sustainable Transport Fund teams, e.g. Two National Parks  programme
  • Destination Marketing Organisations eg. VisitBrighton, VisitKent
  • National Parks e.g Brecon Beacons, Lake District, Peak District
  • Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty eg Forest of Bowland, North Pennines
  • Major transport operators eg. Eurostar, RailEurope
  • Destination-specific transport operators eg. New Forest Tour

>> For the marketing services we provide for LSTF programmes, see our Information Pack LSTF

For more information, please contact:

Richard Hammond, Chief Executive, Greentraveller Ltd
email: richard AT greentraveller.com
or telephone our Bath office: +44 (0)1225 326888.



Greentraveller is working with the following organisations to promote sustainable transport and tourism:

National Parks UK
The UK's National Parks are home to some of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes in Britain. Guided by the Sandford principle, the National Parks work to conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage within their individual regions. In addition to this, the UK's National Parks family works to promote opportunities for the understanding and enjoyment of the special qualities of National Parks by the public. The 15 members of the National Parks family are: Brecon Beacons, Cairngorms, Dartmoor, Exmoor, Lake District, Loch Lomond & the Trossachs, New Forest, Northumberland, North York Moors, Peak District, Pembrokeshire Coast, Snowdonia, South Downs, Yorkshire Dales. To learn more about National Parks, what they do and how you can enjoy them, visit the UK National Parks website: nationalparks.gov.uk

Landmark Trust
The Landmark Trust is a charity that rescues important buildings that would otherwise be lost. It takes on historic places in danger and carefully and sensitively restore them. By making them available for holidays, they make sure they can be enjoyed by all, both today and for future generations. The Landmark Trust is working with Greentraveller to promote a selection of its properties to Greentraveller's audience.


VisitEngland is England's national tourist board. Its role is to grow the value of tourism by working in partnership with the industry to deliver inspirational marketing campaigns and to provide advocacy for the industry and visitors. The organisation’s work is underpinned by robust research and customer insights. Greentraveller has produced a series of map leaflets with Visit England: Green London and Green Brighton Guide. Since these were published, VisitEngland invited Greentraveller to speak at its Destination Management Forum on the Untapped market session covering 'Green Tourism'.

VisitWales is the tourism team within the Welsh Assembly Government's Department for Heritage. Visit Wales has taken over the functions of the former Wales Tourist Board (WTB), with responsibility for the promotion and development of tourism in Wales. Its mission is to "maximise tourism's contribution to the economic, social and cultural prosperity of Wales" and to deliver the Welsh Assembly Government’s Tourism strategy. VisitWales has commissioned Greentraveller to produce a series of videos promoting sustainable transport and tourism at its Centres of Excellence.

Scottish Natural Heritage
Scottish Natural Heritage is funded by the Scottish Government. Its purpose is to:

  • promote care for and improvement of the natural heritage
  • help people enjoy it responsibly
  • enable greater understanding and awareness of it
  • promote its sustainable use, now and for future generations.

Scottish Natural Heritage worked with Greentraveller to promote its View from the train campaign

VisitBritain is the national tourism agency, a nondepartmental public body, funded by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, responsible for promoting Britain worldwide and developing its visitor economy. Its mission is to grow the value of inbound tourism to Britain, working with a wide range of partners in both the UK and overseas. Through its global reach, it aims to increase visitor spend to all parts of Britain and improve Britain’s ranking in the eyes of international travellers. VisitBritain has commissioned Greentraveller's writers to produce a series of feature articles on local food and sustainable holidays.

The Long Run
The Long Run started in 2009 as an initiative of Zeitz Foundation’s international programme. It was launched by Jochen Zeitz, Founder of the Zeitz Foundation and Co-Chair with Sir Richard Branson of The B Team. The Long Run's vision is that of a world in which ‘Business, Nature and People are harmoniously working together for a sustainable future’. It seeks to "support, connect and inspire nature-based businesses to excel in following the highest standards of sustainability encompassing Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce (4Cs) and collectively influencing others to take up best practices for a sustainable future worldwide". Greentraveller is an affiliate member of The Long Run.

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Richard Hammond, Head of Destination Partnerships: richard AT greentraveller.com, +44 (0)1225 326888

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